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 Chaos Awards: Breaking Point Edition

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PostSubject: Chaos Awards: Breaking Point Edition   Fri Dec 18, 2009 1:09 pm

Welcome to the Chaos Awards: Breaking Point Edition!!
A brand new PPV to excite our senses! I don’t know what was wrong with Unforgiven… but anyway.

Let’s see what you all voted for the Fans Choice Awards for Breaking Point!

Viewers Choice
Best Match

DX vs. Legacy – 47%
Randy Orton vs. John Cena – 45%
Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz – 4%
CM Punk vs. Undertaker – 4%

My Best Match – DX vs. Legacy
Now for a first time match like Submissions count anywhere there has to be a certain standard set. This match has done just that.
A lot of crowd work and backstage fighting which I actually miss, especially from the Hardcore days. I understand that people might not be happy about that match but I thought that the crowd involvement was brilliant and the length was even better. And that submission to Cody through that chair, wow.
Every can say that Legacy didn’t deserve to win and DX got screwed. Thing is, that was a great match for not only Legacy but for DX as well. For Shawn to tap out to that hold, I believe, was the perfect ending to that match.

Worst Match
Kane vs. Khali – 71%
Christian vs. William Regal – 10%
Orton vs. Cena – 10%
CM Punk vs. Undertaker – 9%

My Worst Match – CM Punk vs. Undertaker
Who in the (censored...censored… CENSORED) hell made the (censored) call that the ending of Punk vs. Taker would be another (censored) screwjob? (Censored) sake. WWE just killed every chance of EVER being recognised in Montreal. Everyone just turned their backs on the product and I don’t (censored) blame them.
The World Heavyweight Championship match was supposed to end with Punk winning. Okay here is a great (censored) idea. See if you run with it…

After 15 mins the ref gets knocked down by a stray elbow and Punk goes for a GTS, it gets countered and Taker hits a Last Ride which Punk by rolls out of the ring to avoid the loss and going underneath the ring a little bit.
Undertaker waits a few seconds then goes out after Punk.
Punk gets a rag and a bottle of chloroform out from under the ring and smothers the rag in Taker’s face.
Undertaker staggers back into the ring but is very dazed. Punk puts the rag on Taker again for a while and is now completely knocked out.
Punk applies the Anaconda Vice, ref wakes up. Ref notices Undertaker is unconscious and calls for the bell. Winner and still World Champion, CM Punk.
Solidifies Punk’s heel status and becomes a great match for Hell in a Cell.
WAS THAT (ceeeeeeeensoooooooored) HARD?! NO! (Censored) WRITERS!!

*drinks a bottle of vanilla coke and calms down before continuing*

Best Moment
John Cena Regained the WWE Title – 27%
Kofi Retained the US Title – 14%
HBK Tapping Out – 13%
Punk’s Promo – 9%

My Best Moment – HBK Tapping Out
Legacy need the boost. I’ll admit it. They’ve proven to themselves that they can run with DX and they are a stern force in the WWE.
With Orton losing, this might be the chance that Legacy needs to possibly break off from Orton and begin their own tag team run, possibly even capturing the Tag Belts later in the year.
Shawn Michaels tapping out just showed me that even in losing that match, HBK still makes it look good.
Was it just me or did it look like Cody had screwed up the Figure Four around the post?
Maybe it was just me.

Worst Moment
Screwjob – 42%
Kane’s Chokeslam – 22%
John Cena Regained the WWE Title – 18%
Ziggler and Patterson Promo – 17%

My Worst Moment – Another KO Punch win to the Tag Champions
I (censored) swear, if Big Show uses his KO Punch one more time for Y2J to pick up a victory and get them to retain the tag belts, I’m going to cover myself in BBQ Sauce and wear a phone book to a fancy dress party that I wasn’t invited to… *shifty eyes*
You cannot… I mean… CANNOT exploit this punch anymore than the WWE already has. They have had one month long rivalries with teams that aren’t even really Tag Team credible.
The WWE has to see that Big Show has the Chokeslam as well as a finisher and he’s incorporated Spear in his arsenal of moves. Why can’t the WWE use those instead of that stupid Punch?

Best Wrestler
Cody Rhodes – 18%
Ted DiBiase – 17%
Shawn Michaels – 16%
John Cena – 15%

My Best Wrestler – Shawn Michaels
Noone can make tapping out look that good. Even in Montreal, of all places that Shawn has to go to he’s stuck having to lose to Legacy like that.
But wow, Shawn excelled himself in this match, not only with his massive drop over the rail through those tables, but even just his superb athletic ability at his age to take it to Rhodes and DiBiase is such a fantastic display of just how much Shawn Michaels can steal the show, even by losing.

Worst Wrestler
Khali – 73%
William Regal – 16%
Dolph Ziggler – 9%
Big Show – 2%

My Worst Wrestler – Khali
Yes I know. He’s lame. But I have more of a theory than just “he’s sucks”.
Khali moveset is three moves. Chop, Cane shot, Punjabi Plunge. If he could do more moves and therefore a more diverse range of movement, he could have a better match and therefore, he wouldn’t suck so badly.
I was going to give Khali a chance but I don’t know who else I could put in this position as far as I’m concerned. Khali has to get his game up if he’s going to be with the company from next year onwards.

HOLY !@#! Award
Screwjob – 29%

HBK Backdrop – 11%
Entire Cena/Orton Match – 10%
Submission to Rhodes through Steel Chair – 9%

My HOLY !@#! Award goes to…
I know that the match was bad and everyone didn’t like it, but my outrageous moment of the PPV goes to Kane for his Chokeslam to Khali to win the match.
I know that Khali jumps a little but Kane really made that Chokeslam look very impressive. My commendations to both wrestlers for making that match not suck at the ending.

Next Push Forward (Best Performer)
John Morrison
He’s finally started to get on a roll but now because of Rey, he’s got the Intercontinental Title. When Rey gets back, I hope that he’s going to take Ziggler off his hands and let Morrison be pushed again.
Okay, I’ll be honest. Morrison & Matt Hardy as Unified WWE Tag Team Champions I would like to see. Only because of the massive pop that both of them are getting as well as their fantastic chemistry together, I really think that their Tag run could be quite sufficient if they gave them a chance.

WWE’s Next Release (Worst Performer)
Charlie Haas
I get it. You hate me.
He’s had less time on the air than anyone else in the company. He’s a great performer… but why is the WWE keeping him? He’s a fantastic wrestler and you’re using him as a (censored) jobber.
He’s done nothing this year. Well practically nothing. Being a jobber is practically nothing.
Let him go and stop making him look like he’s a (censored) twig. That or actually give him air time for longer than 5 mins.

Changes that might happen
Hornswoggle will attempt to distance himself from Chavo and try something else… but the writers will make him do the stupid (censored) crap for another month.

Evan Bourne will finally have a match on Raw… that ends without interference.

Randy (censored) Orton is going to (censored) and whinge about losing the title and somehow blame Legacy and then go on about how he’s going to rearrange Cena’s face in Hell in a Cell.
He’s also going to say how much he doesn’t like Cena and how he’s not afraid of him… but run away like a little (censored) school girl when Cena shows up.

DX are going to… they’re going to do exactly the same stuff as before. Lets face it, we need them to.

Matt Hardy is finally going to get himself a decent push… taking on CM Punk at least 3 more times. Can someone say new Jobber?

Undertaker is going to be (censored) pissed off. *taunts* “T-Lo’s gonna get tombstoned…”

Punk is going to try something slightly different…. Then go straight back to being the straight edge world champion, and he’s going to try and run away from Taker for the next 3-4 weeks.

Jericho and Big Show are going to NOT SHUT UP like they always do. Jericho mostly with Show standing there with his “1999 Undertaker” beard looking all fat and shiny like he’s just rolled around in a KFC oil tub.

The divas are going to be divas. I predict Maria and Dolph having a fight and splitting up, causing Maria to be a complete babyface and Dolph to get (censored) pissed off when they break up and unleashing his rage at Morrison, causing him to win the IC Title.

and finally
ECW will finally pick up in ratings. They will go from a 1.1 to a 1.11 over a 3 week period.

Epic Fail Award
(see My Worst Match)

Not only have they lost a lot of Canadian fans, but the WWE Canadian President quit. Gee I wonder what from?
I don’t want to know what they were thinking with this… I don’t know what they were (censored) on when they did this… I just want to know what gave them the presence of mind to actually go:
”We’re in Montreal! Let’s do something different! Oh, I know! Let’s screw Undertaker out of the title.”
*face-Leaning Tower of Pisa* (censored) hell… you are going to kill the WWE if you continue down this path. It is going to shrivel up and die very (censored) quickly.

Most Overrated Star this Month
Randy Orton
Second month running. And this time he’s worse.
Randy built himself up about how is going to force Cena to quit. How does he do it? By basically getting Legacy to do most of his dirty work on Raw then when it comes to crunch time, he has to handcuff Cena to try and get the win and belt him senseless, but when he’s put in a submission hold for two seconds… he cries like a little (censored) girl.
Honestly, Orton has to work better on his “Viper” gimmick if he’s going to survive my outbursts. The Cowardly Bad Guy look is just getting boring. Orton should take a month or two off after Hell in a Cell I believe.

Most Underrated Star this Month
Jack Swagger
I just want to make this clear. I am NOT a Jack Swagger fan.
The way the WWE is using Swagger is just pathetic. He does have talent (I’ve said before that he needs work) but he does have the talent to go a long way in the industry. Swagger and Bourne had a short, short, SHORT rivalry (about 11 mins of air time) on Raw before MVP was introduced. I really don’t think Swagger could be with the company much longer unless they give him someone to work with. I don’t want him to be stuck in Dark matches for the rest of his career with his name only echoing in the ECW brand for years to come.

Overall Monthly Standings
1. Smackdown (3.3/5)
2. TNA (2.9/5)
3. Monday Night Raw (2.8/5)
4. ECW (2/5)

Thank you all for viewing!
Chaos Awards every Monday. My Vanilla Coke depends on it!

I’m The Nemesis, you’ve been a reader!
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Chaos Awards: Breaking Point Edition
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