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 Chaos Awards: Vol 10

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PostSubject: Chaos Awards: Vol 10   Fri Dec 18, 2009 1:26 pm

Greetings one and all!
After an eventful Hell in a Cell Pay Per View, we are off to another month of glorious rivalries and hard hitting action before WWE Bragging Rights!

Bragging Rights? Honestly… this is getting repetitive. I know that its friendly competition between the two brands but I wish that they could make it better than “Bragging Rights”.
It seems that every 4 years they are going to hold this sort of rivalry.
2001 Survivor Series. The Alliance vs. Team WWF
2005 Survivor Series. Smackdown vs. Raw for Brand Supremacy.
2009 Surviv- look, lets just say that I know that this is going to lead onto to (censored) Survivor Series so lets just skip this (censored) Raw vs. Smackdown bull(censored) and get on with the shows!

*Drinks Vanilla Coke*
On with business…

Best Match – DX vs. Big Show & Jericho
I know that everyone might say “why?” but I have a good reason why.
DX has the ability to draw the crowd no matter what. Y2Show are beginning to gain popularity for their tag team heel status, I know that sounds weird… but listen to their pops when Jericho is talking sometimes.
The match that was given to the fans was great. Especially with the Steelers coming out to spoil Jericho’s escape plan. I didn’t mind the atmosphere of Raw this week, it was more lively than most of the other Raw’s over the past few weeks. I didn’t feel like that I was hard done by from the quality of matches.
Keep that style of Raw up guys! I’ll enjoy WWE television for the rest of the year if it stays like that!

Worst Match – The Entire Hell in a Cell PPV
I don't care what anyone says... apart from Batista & Rey vs. Y2Show and DX vs. Legacy – Hell in a Cell, this PPV had as much quality as any Raw, Smackdown or ECW show (if you take out the stipulations of Hell in a Cell).
How can you have a PPV succeed when there are 3 Hell in a Cell matches that are as (censored) intense as a One Fall match, with no (censored) blood, less than a dozen (censored) weapon shots and have both title match Hell in a Cell’s in the FIRST HALF of the (censored) Pay Per View?
Oh and for the love of (censored) … 20 (censored) PINFALL COVERS by Ziggler on Morrison in a 17 MINUTE MATCH is (censored) Ridiculous!!
One of the worst PPV’s of the year by my own opinion.

Best Performer of WWE – Chris Jericho
Thinking about how he’s now no longer Y2J and basically cut all of that out of his character now actually makes me see just how much he is still Chris Jericho in the ring.
I have said that Jericho is starting to get bad but after a closer look, I have to take my statement back. He can make other guys look VERY good and not even try.
I’m so glad that Jericho isn’t a Jobber. Sadly that is the direction that Matt Hardy is going down for Punk. But Jericho has a talent in the ring and on the microphone which is very hard to match in wrestling today.

Best Performer of TNA – Abyss
Thank heavens!
Abyss vs. Mick Foley. I can’t wait. His promos this week just reminded me of why I like some TNA promos better than WWE Promos. Because you can actually use the terms “hate”, “kill”, “leave you a tomato juice sandwich in the ring” and many others, because you can’t say them on WWE because of the (censored) PG rating that everyone seems to continue talking about.
Abyss actually doing brilliant promo after promo after promo on the Impact Zone… Loved it.

*The Nemesis is sitting on a chair in front of a fire place*
”Hi I’m The Nemesis. Have you ever stopped to wonder… what is the meaning of life? Or… how many eggs CAN you fit in one basket? Well you still won’t know, but have some Vanilla Coke.
Vanilla Coke. Its good (censored).”

Worst Performer of WWE – The WWE Divas
Okay, I am not commenting on their ring work this time. I’m commenting on their lack of promo ability.
Maria looked like she was going to (censored) herself laughing when Dolph broke up with her… well I did…
Also, Alicia Fox vs. Mickie James had almost no build up promo or segment wise. It was just a few matches to build the feud.
Where are the Lita vs. Trish or Victoria vs. Molly Holly rivalries of 2003-05? Nowhere to be found!
If people actually want to start respecting Divas again, make sure that you don’t find (censored) Barbie dolls with an IQ less than a Ritz Cracker. Get them on the microphone and get them in (censored) special matches!
How badly would you have wanted to see a Divas Submission Match at Breaking Point?

Worst Performer of TNA – The Beautiful People
I know that I’m supposed to understand that these girls are the Beautiful People of TNA. But “O-M-G” they suck in the ring. Without Angelina Love in there with them, their promos are going to start sucking very quickly *looks around at the readers* and you took that wrong didn’t you?
You have to understand that Angelina Love was really the Leader of The Beautiful People and did a great job at it. Her bull(censored) visa issue has thrown a huge spanner in the works of the Knockouts Division.
Without Angelina, The Beautiful People can’t flourish. I know that Velvet and Madison can do a good job, but they weren’t as good as Angelina. Even with Lacey in there, they won’t be what they used to be.

Best Promo – Samoa Joe Backstage/Hernandez Backstage
Two of the best quick promos I’ve seen in TNA.
What do you do when you’re (censored) off with your opponent? You vent your frustrations on the microphone for a few seconds directly after the altercation. I loved these short promos.
It shows the pure hatred between Lashley and Joe, and also between Hernandez and Young.
Every single TNA Promo this week was just pure brilliance. Why can’t they keep this up week after week? Hernandez is forever climbing to the top of TNA, he just can’t seem to get that break! Lashley has only just arrived on the TNA scene but you can tell that he is going to be a powerful force not to be (censored) with.
I’m very tempted to buy my first TNA PPV… very tempted indeed.

Worst Promo – Angle and Sting
Please just… please stop.
Stop this (censored) bull(censored).
I have had enough of the TNA Writers trying to dig everything they can for this storyline to go ahead. Not only do I want Sting to continue wrestling, but I would love him to do one last final World Tour to say goodbye to the fans that have adored him over the years.
Angle, I know that it’s his character, but sometimes he’s just too much of a (censored) for his own good. Just let this title match go ahead and let it be over with.
If Styles is basically going to be the transition champion from Angle to Sting, I will not only stop watching TNA, but I will lose all respect for the writers permanently.

Best Move/Change – Giving Amazing Red the X Division Championship
It’s really good to see someone who is about the size of Spike Dudley win a singles championship, with or without outside interference.
Bobby Lashley interfering in the match did put a slightly sour note on the match, but without him, Amazing Red wouldn’t have stood a chance.
I’ll be honest, I didn’t want Samoa Joe keeping the title anyway. I feel that the Main Event Mafia is starting to dominate the locker room of TNA too much possibly along with the World Elite. Although I do like the way their rivalry is escalating. I can’t wait for Bound for Glory.

Worst Move/Change – Swagger Promo before his match
I’m honestly wondering how long that will (censored) last.
Undefeated before the end of the year? You have less than 3 months. About 12 weeks left to remain undefeated. I know people who have gone 6 months without being defeated but they never bragged about it. What the (censored) are the WWE writers doing to future stars careers?
It may even cause a lot of fans to tell you that “It has caused the proverbial fecal matter to collide with the oscillating cooling device” for the backstage young talent.
Evan Bourne is being used as a Jobber who can wrestle productively to make the match NOT suck. Swagger has now been pushed out of the US Title hunt. The Miz has FINALLY won the US title. Ziggler could be getting a backwards push after losing his chance at the Intercontinental Championship for the 6th time…
I swear if Swagger faces Jobbers until Christmas I’m going to hit the (censored) roof.

Vanilla Coke. If you don’t buy it… I will. So get buying!
Vanilla Coke. DRINK IT!

Top 10 Performers
1. John Morrison
2. Abyss
3. Shawn Michaels
4. Ted DiBiase
5. AJ Styles
6. Triple H
7. Matt Morgan
8. Batista
9. Randy Orton
10. The Miz

Last Weeks Top 10
1. AJ Styles
2. Shawn Michaels
3. John Morrison
4. Batista
5. Matt Morgan
6. Triple H
7. Ted DiBiase
8. John Cena
9. Randy Orton
10. Bobby Lashley

Just a notice to everyone, I’ll still be posting my Top 10 Performers, but as of next week I’ll be posting my contenders for Performer of the Year, which will change from week to week much like the Power 25.

Top 10 Moments
1. DX Chops with the Pittsburgh Offensive Line
2. Abyss’s opening promo with Mick Foley
3. Big Show backing down from the Steelers
4. Vince coming out to announce Fatal Four Way
5. Dolph breaking up with Maria
6. The Miz winning the US Title
7. Madison Rayne picks up a victory after 8 months in TNA
8. Lashley/Samoa Joe fight
9. Announcement of Ironman Match between Cena and Orton
10. World Elite Promo announcing Victory

Person/People who I miss this week – Edge
I don’t care what anyone says, I’ve always been a fan of Edge. Even as a heel. We know that we are supposed to hate him but he’s GOOD at it.
Edge’s transition from face to heel in 2004 was so great that he’s NEVER been a face since.
The thing I most admire about Edge and similarly, Jericho, is that they are nothing like who they are in the ring.
I actually read an interview from Kozlov last year about how he couldn’t get home to visit his family because flights were cancelled. Edge invited Kozlov over and gave him a Christmas dinner with Edge’s family because he couldn’t get home.
Edge is a fantastic worker and has lived and breathed this business for over 10 years. Not only will I like to see him come back, but come back as a face for about 3 months before going back to his ever loving heel persona that we all cherish.

This is a few questions to everyone who is reading… and PLEASE answer these as they will help out immensely with the future of this article.

1. Would you like to keep the voting for the PPV matches and the monthly awards? Just a reminder that I WILL be starting the TNA PPV voting with Bound for Glory next week.
2. If you want to be a part of the voting of the Chaos Top 10 Performer of the Year, let me know!
3. If you do want to vote for something else, make a suggestion to me and let me know! Let’s turn this into the awards that YOU want!

Until then, I’m The Nemesis, enjoy your Duck Sauce Pudding, you’ve been a reader.
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Chaos Awards: Vol 10
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