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 Chaos Awards: Hell in a Cell Edition

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PostSubject: Chaos Awards: Hell in a Cell Edition   Fri Dec 18, 2009 1:31 pm

Hell in a Cell PPV Fans Choice Award Winners.

I do just want to point out before I write these awards up, is that I have had 3 months of these fans choice awards. You want to know how many people voted this month? Well the number was less than 15. So there are no percentages this month because its embarrassing.
So this may just be my last PPV and Monthly Awards. I’ve given the opportunity to the readers to vote for what they thought was the best and worst of the month and I get virtually no responses within a week. So here is what you can do, tell me if you want to keep seeing the Readers/Fans Choice Awards. If I don’t get enough replies then I won’t do it anymore. I won’t give you the opportunity to have your say if you don’t want it.

Best Wrestler: John Morrison
Runner-Up: Ted DiBiase
My Pick: Ted DiBiase
Ted really stood out for me in this Pay Per View because he basically showed me that he is the leader of Legacy when Randy isn’t there. Did you see how much Ted was “ordering” around Cody during the Hell in a Cell match? I think this could be the turning point of Legacy. I really liked their showing in the PPV and their entire rivalry with DX. Where Legacy now goes from here… who knows?

Worst Wrestler: Drew McIntyre
Runner-Up: John Cena
My Pick: R-Truth
When the hell did this match get put on PPV? Look I don’t actually care that this match was on PPV, I’m glad that it was, BUT it wasn’t Drew McIntyre’s fault that the match sucked. It was just the complete atmosphere of the PPV itself. I didn’t mind it but it wasn’t all that great.
Drew McIntyre did put on a good show for someone who probably had a TONNE of nerves. We aren’t all expected to perform flawlessly first time around.

Best Match: DX vs. Legacy
Runner-Up: CM Punk vs. Undertaker
My Pick: Batista & Rey Mysterio vs. Y2Show
Yes. I said the tag team title match.
I really didn’t (censored) like ANOTHER KO punch for the win for the Unified Tag Team Champions, BUT I didn’t mind how good the ending was. With Big Show as the legal man and Rey being in mid air when it occurred. It wasn’t so much as cheating, but Rey being in the wrong place at the right time. The match itself was a good back and forth match which was a classic style tag team match.
I didn’t like most parts of the match, but I believe that this match had the best work in it from start to finish.

Worst Match: Drew McIntyre vs. R-Truth
Runner-Up: Alicia Fox vs. Mickie James
My Pick: Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz vs. Jack Swagger
I know what your all going to say. (censored) Nem. No way.
Well think about this. The only rivalry for Kofi is that Miz and Swagger took the US Title from him. Miz wanted Swagger because of a cheap shot when Swagger took the belt. Swagger just wanted the belt. What the hell?
Kofi actually carried the other two guys towards the end of the match. I didn’t see very much that I liked for a title match that should’ve been of that quality.
I know that everyone isn’t going to like me for saying it, but I just didn’t find this match as entertaining as what I thought it could be.

Best Weapon Shot Award: Triple H’s Sledge Shot with Sweet Chin Music
Yay! Finally a weapon shot that is worthy of being a weapon shot!
When Shawn Michaels kicked Cody INTO the sledgehammer (watch the replay, you’ll see that it happened that way), I seriously thought that Cody would be out for he next week and a half saying “I see pretty birdies. Ohhh… so colourful!”.
Anyone would know that DX was going to walk out of Hell in a Cell with the victory, I just didn’t know how to be honest with you. That was a great finish to a mediocre PPV.

"Cichael Mole" Award
(Biggest Screw Up of the Night)
Winner: The Blade drop in the Cena/Orton match
Wow. Just wow. How badly can you screw up in a match? Oh, yes I see. THAT BADLY!
Dropping the blade with the camera 2 feet away is one of the worst ways you can screw up in a match without actually hurting yourself or your opponent.
My thoughts are, what if the blade had stood upright for a fraction of a second and made its way underneath one of the performers? It could’ve very seriously injured either Cena or Orton and we would have ANOTHER major star on the shelf.

Fans Choice Monthly Awards.

Wrestler of the Month: John Morrison
Runner-Up: AJ Styles
My Pick: Ted DiBiase
I know that I want to choose Morrison. My mind says Morrison, my heart says Morrison… but I just can’t give it to him knowing that he’s done such great work when Ted DiBiase is doing the same amount of work in a “second rate” position. Ted did things right when he needed to do them right. When the pressure was on, he knocked it out of the park along with Cody, but I think that Ted did it better.
Morrison is doing great matches, and being a great champion. But Ted is working and performing as well as Morrison and he’s getting pushed as Orton’s back up (censored). Split up Legacy and give Ted a run with a title. I don’t care which one.

Best Match of the Month: DX vs. Legacy – Hell in a Cell
Runner-Up: John Morrison vs. Dolph Ziggler – Hell in a Cell PPV
My Pick: 10th Smackdown Anniversary 8 Man Tag Match
Everyone points to the PPV’s. I didn’t. The 10th Anniversary show had a brilliant main event.
They had 8 out of the top 10 performers from the WWE in that match and it turned out better than I think they may have planned. You aren’t going to get a bigger Main Event on Smackdown as you saw then unless there is an Elimination Chamber live on Smackdown in the next 2 months.

Worst Match of the Month: CM Punk vs. Taker – Hell in a Cell
Runner-Up: Drew McIntyre vs. R-Truth
My Pick: Melina vs. Layla – Smackdown
Michelle McCool is out injured, so Layla has to come in and fill in her spot in the match. Now I know that Layla can’t really work a match or a rivalry from her *cough* matches *cough* with Eve and Cryme Tyme. So why give her the push, I have no idea, but she is the “assistant” of Michelle so I guess it made a bit of sense. But this was one of the worst Divas matches that I’ve seen in a while because I don’t think there was one move that went right in the entire match.
Everything was either botched or just didn’t work correctly. That is why it is my Worst Match.

Best Rivalry: DX vs. Legacy
Runner-Up: CM Punk vs. Undertaker
My Pick: DX vs. Legacy
No brainer. DX vs. Legacy has had the biggest hype and had the biggest draw of support. Hence why they put the match as the final match for the Hell in a Cell card.
I actually wished that this rivalry would’ve gone onto Survivor Series, maybe in a Fatal Four Way Tag Team Elimination Match for the Unified Tag Team Championship. But that is definitely how it isn’t going to go.
I think that from this rivalry alone, Legacy has established themselves as great tag team competitors but I think even more so as singles competitors at the same time. I don’t know how, but in my mind, they can be championship contender material within a year.

Worst Rivalry: Orton vs. Cena
Runner-Up: Drew McIntyre vs. R-Truth
My Pick: Mike Knox vs. Finlay
They had a Belfast Brawl… and then after that it was pretty much nothing at least that I can remember. Then Knox had a match against Morrison, why I don’t know. I think that the writers missed a good opportunity there to have an extended rivalry between Knox and Finlay in a PPV match up. I think I would’ve rather seen that at Hell in a Cell rather than McIntyre vs. Truth.

Next change you'd like to see for WWE: Have better Main Event Matches
Runner-Up: New Talent World Champions (stop giving them to HHH, Cena, Orton, etc.)
My Pick: Fire Abraham Washington
Please, I’ve said it about 3 times already… GET HIM THE (censored) OFF TV!
Okay, this is why he needs to get off.
Entertainers need the ability to draw crowds even if you’re the most hated guy around. You need to draw people to you, whether its people who want to see you win or people who want to see you get the (censored) kicked out of you, you must be able to draw a crowd.
Abraham Washington does the (censored) opposite. He makes people want to leave the room and take a really big (censored) because it’s always better than the segment.

Next change you'd like to see for TNA: Fewer Knockouts, More Wrestlers.
Runner-Up: New Talent push to the top
My Pick: New Talent push to the top
There are only so many matches where Triple H and Shawn Michaels and John Cena and Randy Orton can carry the Raw brand, and guys like Punk and Undertaker and Morrison can carry the Smackdown brand… WWE really need to get some new faces to the top.
If we go back to 2005 when Cena and Batista were the Champions of both brands…
How many people since that time have become World Champion for the FIRST time (not including the ECW Championship)?
Answer (days as Champion): Rob Van Dam (22 days), Jeff Hardy (42 days), Edge (21 days), CM Punk (69 days), The Great Khali (61 days).
You can’t push guys to give them a transitional run as a world champion. You just can’t. If I see John Morrison as the World Champion for less than 2 months, I will (censored) kill something.

Most Overrated Star of the Month: John Cena
Runner Up: Kurt Angle/Drew McIntyre
My Pick: Drew McIntyre
I know I’ve contradicted myself from before. Here is why.
His Gimmick.
He’s calling himself the next ‘World Champion’, I can understand why he has this gimmick… but NOT with R-Truth. When was the last time R-Truth won a Championship? NWA World Champion, 19th May 2004. He held the title for 14 days. When was the last WWE Title that R-Truth won? The Hardcore Championship 3rd and 4th of February 2001. Both times he didn’t hold it for longer than the night.
I know that he came to Smackdown to “Stop the Party” but honestly, there was no party to begin with.
Also his finisher, the Double Arm DDT, a move that Mick Foley had as his finisher when he was Cactus Jack, I know that he’s making it look more devastating and such… but really, he has long legs and apparently a smart head, why doesn’t he use both and come up with a better finisher?

Most Underrated Star of the Month: Evan Bourne
Runner Up: The Miz/Chavo Guerrero
My Pick: Evan Bourne
Why in the (censored) isn’t Evan Bourne a mid carder, or at least higher than where he is at the moment. He is one of the best Entertainers in the WWE. I don’t think there is one person who boos Bourne when he’s in the ring. Where is the Cruiserweight title when you need it? Bourne vs. Chavo for the Cruiserweight Championship, you know that you’d love to see this match because it’s what we all want. Have Bourne lose a few times before capturing the belt to a huge ovation.
Admit it… we’d both like to see that happen.
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Chaos Awards: Hell in a Cell Edition
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