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 Chaos Awards: Vol 13

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The Nemesis

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PostSubject: Chaos Awards: Vol 13   Fri Dec 18, 2009 2:12 pm

Hello One and Everyone! Guess whose back? No. It isn't Eminem. NO! It isn't Edge... Geez, you guys are... It's ME!

I'm The Nemesis, back with the glitter and glamour of the Chaos Awards! The future of... well whatever it is I do.

Unfortunately, due to not having the internet for the last month, I haven't been able to post my Chaos Awards.
Now... Also with not having the internet, I haven't been in touch with the wrestling world for the last month... Anyway, I'm doing a little different awards this time.
I'm going to catch up for the month that i've lost.

I've also got a month load of swearing and Vanilla Coke to catch up on. (censored) me...
Onto business!

Best Match – Team Orton vs. Team Kingston (Survivor Series Match)
I know. I haven't watched this match... but to finally give Kofi that push is brilliant for his uprise in the company. I'm sort of sympathetic with fans of Kofi. He's now changed his accent (almost changed his gimmick entirely) and now he's finally got a good challenge and a good rivalry. He hasn't had one in so long that it's a good thing that he is now taking on, arguably, the best wrestler in the WWE.
Although, just with Legacy, is it just me or is Orton & Legacy getting slowly palmed off to every star that actually starts to get popular or is already popular?
I mean, Orton had the rivalry with Triple H, then Triple H was palmed to Legacy when Orton started his rivalry with Cena. Now that both of those rivalries have ended, Orton has now got a rivalry with Kofi. What are Legacy going to do? Are they just going to be Orton's (censored) for another three months?
I genuinely believe that it's going to be Orton w/ Rhodes vs. DiBiase at Wrestlemania.

Worst Match – Team Miz vs. Team Morrison (Survivor Series Match)
Yet again, I haven't seen the match. But are they trying to play to The Miz's character's ego? This is getting (censored) woeful in my eyes. (censored) sake. Morrison should actually have some competition for his Intercontinental Championship, even if Ziggler had the title he wouldn't be taking this path.
I feel as though they should've waited for the rivalry between Morrison and Miz. Next years draft could've seen Miz drafted to Smackdown and had Morrison win the Intercontinental Championship at Wrestlemania leading to a huge rivalry. Did they do that? Nooo... MUST be (censored) cross brand. Gotta have a Raw vs. Smackdown feel to promote the 6th installment of their popular game... What the (censored) is the creative team doing? Seriously. I know that it's a good rivalry now... but its just (censored) pitiful not having #1 contenders for the minor titles for 2 (censored) straight months.

Best News I've Heard This Month – Shelton Benjamin FINALLY has a title shot at a PPV
Okay. Shelton Benjamin is finally going for some gold, and for the first time in a while, the ECW Championship is on the line at a PPV event.
I don't think Shelton has ever had an opportunity for a "major" title of a brand...ever. If he has, it hasn't been recent. I think that Shelton should be ECW Champion and Christian can go back to where he belongs...Raw.
Does anyone think that the ECW Championship is an even more minor title than ever now?
I mean, the cruiserweight championship had the ability to excite people and have credibility when it had a champion. The same thing can be said for the United States and Intercontinental Champions right now. It has a certain history that comes with holding that championship.
But what about the ECW Title? Wrestlemania 24. Kane vs. Chavo - 7 seconds. Summerslam. Christian vs. Regal... you see my point? Its so (censored) they way that they are trying to flush ECW down the toilet by not promoting is as the 3rd brand.
The ECW Title has been held by (since 2006)... Rob Van Dam, Big Show, Bobby Lashley, CM Punk, John Morrison, Chavo Guerrero, Kane, Mark Henry, Matt Hardy, Jack Swagger, Christian and Tommy Dreamer. If look at that list, there is only three people who have been with the company for less than 5 years. Punk, Morrison and Swagger. It was CM Punk's and Swagger's first WWE singles title... But think about it.
If ECW is supposed to be the title for the minor brand, the title for the "up and coming" stars of tomorrow... WHY in the last 3 and a half years have only TWO stars won the title as their first championship?
ECW is a developmental show to find stars to upgrade to the main roster with a few experienced guys who are deemed to "not be good enough" to be in the main roster. So being in ECW is almost like being demoted in a job. Look at all of the new faces in ECW and all of the old faces in ECW. You can see my point...

Stupidest Thing I've Heard This Month – Sheamus is the Number 1 Con-...
What? (censored) Sheamus is the (censored) (censored) one contender for the WWE Championship? Who in the (censored) hell made that ruling? (Drinks vanilla coke and read sentence again). Oh man, they aren't making it up...
Okay. Now I have completely lost my faith in the WWE for 2010.
I think most people who aren't as good as Sheamus should've had a better chance at getting the #1 contendership because they've really put in the hard yards and taken the back seat on Raw since the draft. Sheamus has only just come over from ECW very recently and I honestly don't like the creative's decision to give Sheamus this opportunity so early.
Why oh why? I know that the WWE is trying to push its young stars, but even I don't think Sheamus needs this. He should be running for the United States title, making Miz's life a living hell and everyone can watch Miz be a coward of sorts and run away everytime Sheamus is heard or mentioned. Stupid idea, but better than giving him WWE title shot.
Let's run through the list. Bourne, DiBiase, Rhodes, MVP, Mark Henry, Chavo, Primo, Carlito (to an extent)... All of those guys have taken a back seat on Raw. To make way for all of the stars who are still at the top.
Sheamus vs. Cena. Squash Match at a PPV. He has only been given the job to give the top stars a break from the WWE Championship.
Things I would rather do than watch Sheamus vs. Cena at TLC... hmmm...
- Drink Molten Titanium (with Vanilla Coke obviously. It has to be watered down somehow)
- Watch an Oak Tree grow... from a seed... and die.
- Figure out how long it would take me to get the to edge of the universe... if I hitch-hiked.

The only good thing – Batista is a Heel
Thank heavens one of the main stars has put his hand up to say "I'll change for the better of the company."
Batista hasn't been a Heel since Survivor Series 2004. I don't count New Years Revolution 2005 because even though he was a Heel, everyone wanted to see his "Raw Power" and how he would dominate in the Elimination Chamber. It was his, then, face turn.
Now after 4 years, he was a full fledged heel against his friend, Rey Mysterio and now against Undertaker. He wasn't a Heel against Undertaker back in their main rivalry of 2007 at Wrestlemania 23 because Undertaker was a Face and so was Batista. In a was Batista was a Tweener because everyone liked him, but still wanted Undertaker to win. Anyway, I'm getting off track.
Batista is back to being the menacing unstoppable Animal that made him so popular with Evolution. My problem is that, he is taking on Undertaker...again.
Both of the stars are getting on in their careers, both have had multiple recent injuries and both are about the only person who can beat the other.
My question to you. Batista vs. Undertaker for about the 12th time. It still doesn't sound boring does it? I mean, not as boring as Cena vs. Orton or Legacy vs. HHH/Cena/HBK. It just seems better to have that match up because you can still look at the card and think, "wow that could go either way."

At the end of this week, all AJ Styles needs is 9 votes more than Morrison and he is automatically Performer of the Year for 2009.
John Morrison needs five times the number of votes more than AJ Styles to have any chance at winning.
Performer of the Year
1. AJ Styles – 181pts
2. John Morrison – 145pts
3. Triple H – 137pts
4. Chris Jericho – 136pts
5. John Cena – 127pts
6. Randy Orton – 119pts
7. Shawn Michaels – 118pts
8. The Miz – 110pts
9. CM Punk – 101pts
10. Ted DiBiase – 99pts
* Voting for Umaga stopped on June 8th (Was 6th at the time)
* Voting for Edge stopped on July 18th (Edge was 1st at the time)
* Voting for Jeff Hardy stopped on August 29th (Was 4th at the time)

Something a little different for this week
My Top 20 Moments of the last 5 years (2004 - 2009)
I chose these on how much it shocked me as well as how much I still get enjoyment from watching them over and over again. If it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand on end, then it's a contender for the list.
1. Eddie Guerrero's Passing and Tribute
2. Chris Benoit wins the World Title at WM20
3. RVD wins the WWE Championship at One Night Stand 2006
4. Rey Mysterio wins the Royal Rumble 2006
5. Randy Orton RKO's Undertaker from out of nowhere at WM21
6. DX Impersonates the McMahons and showers them in (censored) on Raw 2006
7. Jeff Hardy wins the WWE Championship at Armageddon 2008
8. Chris Jericho gets fired the night after Summerslam 2005
9. Shawn Michaels kicks out of Undertaker's Tombstone at WM25
10. Jeff Hardy's Leg Drop on Edge through a Ladder at WM23
11. Batista vs. Triple H - Hell in a Cell at Vengenace 2005
12. Ric Flair vs. Triple H at Taboo Tuesday 2005
13. AJ Styles finally wins the TNA World Championship at Bound For Glory 2009
14. Eddie Guerrero wins the WWE Championship at No Way Out 2004
15. The Rock comes out to help Eugene on Raw 2004
16. The finish to Team Orton vs. Team Triple H at Survivor Series 2004
17. Joey Mercury gets his face rearranged at Armageddon 2006
18. Mr. McMahon gets punted by Randy Orton on Raw 2009
19. Chris Benoit's Passing
20. Big Show gets covered in (censored) by Eddie Guerrero on Smackdown 2004

Person/People who I miss this week – Umaga
Umaga will surely be missed.
When somebody told me that Umaga had passed away I said, "Get (censored). He can't be dead! He just toured here." But I looked it up. It was true. ANOTHER young wrester is dead before the age of 40.
I don't think I've ever really heard one bad story about Umaga from any of his peers and those close to him. I understand that he had a problem with drugs and it cost him his job with the WWE, but apart from that, his bad stories seems to end.
The wrestling world has lost a good friend, mentor, athlete and all-round great guy from a legendary family.
Rest In Peace Eddie "Umaga" Fatu (1972–2009).

I do apologize for the lousy attempt at the awards this week. Hopefully next week I'll be back at my full insane caffeine high best.

Remember to keep voting on the Performer of the Year and TLC Awards coming up!
In two weeks there will be the 1st Annual Chaos Yearly Awards! Where anyone and everyone can vote on the topic of their choice!

Hope I can all hear from you soon.

I'm BACK! I'm The Nemesis, you've been a reader.
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Chaos Awards: Vol 13
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