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 Chaos Awards: Vol 14

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The Nemesis

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PostSubject: Chaos Awards: Vol 14   Fri Dec 18, 2009 2:14 pm

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Chaos Awards!

Well now that I'm online, lets check the TLC Results! I apologize that I wasn't able to get my predictions in, but lets see how i would've gone anyway...
*Drinks out of his glass of Vanilla Coke*
*Reads TLC Results*
*Spits Vanilla Coke all over his screen*
ARE YOU (censored) (censored) (censored) (censored) KIDDING ME?!
Okay I predicted McIntyre becoming Intercontinental Champion, but NEVER in my wildest (censored) dreams did I think that Sheamus would beat Cena for the WWE Championship. Who in all of (censored) hell went to Vince and said, "I think it would be good for Cena to be an transitional champion, twice, and then we give it to someone who has been on raw for about 6 months leaving behind all the other stars who have worked very hard and are more deserving of a title shot than he is." How could Vince say, "Yeah, that's a good idea." to THAT?!

I'm sorry, Vanilla Coke isn't going to get me calm this time.
*starts a chainsaw and begins cutting through a chandelliar*

Okay. I have just lost respect for everyone... I seriously mean everyone... who is working in the creative department.
Giving Sheamus the WWE Championship is like putting Homer Simpson in charge of the virus protection division at Microsoft.
It just won't work after a matter of seconds.

I know that some people out there are not Cena fans or they are Sheamus fans.
Even if you don't want Cena to be WWE Champion, how about giving it to about a dozen different people who have actually been on Raw for longer than Sheamus and deserve a title opportunity, not necessarily the title itself.
Look at the big picture people!

Okay now that's out of the way... Onto Business!

Best Match – Christian vs. Shelton Benjamin - Ladder Match
Honestly. I only got to see replays and parts of this match. But from what I've seen it was one hell of a Ladder Match. Christian who has had countless experiences with Ladders and Benjamin who has been in several Money in the Bank matches where he always uses the Ladder in unique ways. I knew that this would shape up to be a great Ladder match, although I was tipping the favour to Benjamin. I'm glad that this was a brilliant match. Better than what I expected no doubt.

Worst Match – Kane vs. Mike Knox
I'm sorry, is Kane a midcarder now? In the month I've been away, I didn't hear ONE thing about Kane. No PPV appearances, almost nothing on Smackdown and now he's apparently in a rivalry with Mike Knox.
Oh my (censored) god. I know that Mike Knox is a mid carder (or even just a regular on Smackdown), but Kane, like his older brother, is one of the faces of the WWE. He at least deserves a bit higher in the ranks than where he seems to be right now.
I wonder if Kane actually has long to go with his career. Kane doesn't look as menacing in the ring as he has in the past. I honestly hope that if Kane decides to go, he goes out with dignity.

Best Performer – Batista
Okay. Now I finally understand how much Batista has changed into a heel. I got a few comments last week how much Batista is so last year and he's just old and sloppy. Hey, if you got hit with a chair as hard as Rey did, you'd be down for the count too.
I think that Batista turning on Rey had to be the only way that Batista was going to go back to his 2003 heel days. I'll say it again, I'm glad that one of the top stars has done something to benefit the company.

Worst Performer – CM Punk
This isn't anything in the ring, this is backstage.
He went from being World Champion, to being #1 contender, to Dark Match *snaps fingers* like that.
What the (censored) happened to Punk? What did he do to get shoved down like that?
I understand that he was a good heel champion of sorts (I did really stick it to him over a period of months), but why has he been given an relatively newcomers position now? He took on R-Truth in the Dark Match at TLC when just 2 months ago he was in the World Championship match at Bragging Rights and 3 months ago he was World Champion.
*shakes head* I am seriously starting to get (censored) (censored) off at the Creative team...

Have you ever wondered if Vanilla Coke supports your favourite athletes?
Now introducing Vanilla Coke flavoured sports drinks! VC2O
Rehydrate your senses with a refreshing blast of VC2O! All the goodness of sports drinks with the all round taste of Vanilla Coke!
VC2O. Proud supporter of Dwarf Curling and Synchronised Ice Diving at 2010 Winter Games!

Best Accent Award – John Morrison aka. William Wallace
I will admit, if I was Drew McIntyre, I'd have (censored) annihilated Morrison.
John Morrison coming out in scottish colours as William Wallace was probably one of the best promos that i've seen this year. Just Morrison being that character sold me. That made me want to watch the Intercontinental Championship match at TLC.
I do think McIntyre will win because I think that Morrison might just be in the Main Event at Wrestlemania for the World Championship, so they'll get the IC Title off him.
I'm really glad that Morrison is away from facing The Miz. I was really (censored) sick to death of have two minor champions with NO number 1 contender.
Oh, one question. How did Morrison manage to cut himself just on his eyebrow while holding that sword? He only ever had it pointed at McIntyre and if it wasn't doing that, it was over his shoulder. Morrison is really skilled if he can cut himself that easily, I'll give him that.

Have you ever had plants who just say no to you, even when you've given them love and water and fresh fertilizer?
Well now you can unworry! Introducing new Vanilla Coke Fertilizer Spray! One squirt and your plants will be buzzing around and hanging off the ceiling with life and vibrance.
Vanilla Coke Fertilizer Spray. They only need a perk up!

The Nemesis' Chaotic Top 10
1. Undertaker
2. John Cena
3. Chris Jericho
4. Triple H
5. AJ Styles
6. Batista
7. Shawn Michaels
8. Randy Orton
9. Kofi Kingston
=10. Christian
=10. John Morrison

The last Smackdown for the year is broadcast on December 31st. So there are now three weeks to go this year.
There is now only a maximum of 45 points on offer. AJ Styles has a lead of 38 points.
John Morrison, Chris Jericho and Triple H are the only people who can catch AJ Styles.
If AJ Styles finishes 4th or better next week, he cannot be beaten.
Performer of the Year
1. AJ Styles – 187pts
2. Chris Jericho – 149pts
3. John Morrison – 146pts
4. Triple H – 145pts
5. John Cena – 140pts
=6. Randy Orton – 122pts
=6. Shawn Michaels – 122pts
8. Undertaker – 113pts
9. The Miz – 110pts
10. Batista – 104pts
* Voting for Umaga stopped on June 8th (Was 6th at the time)
* Voting for Edge stopped on July 18th (Edge was 1st at the time)
* Voting for Jeff Hardy stopped on August 29th (Was 4th at the time)

By the way, calling everyone reading this, comment if you want to help me out for next years Chaos Awards. I need as many people as possible to help and there will be a lot more opportunites to vote and have your say!
There will be Rewards, Offers and Random Prizes on offer if you are a valid part of the Chaos Awards for 2010! (and yes I'm being serious with this).

What I miss this week – The Old Pay Per View Names
I really don't like this concept path that the WWE has gone down. I understand that its completely for copyright reasons but they didn't need to do it.
Just saying as well, TNA has.. wait...*goes into next room* it Lockdown that PPV that every single match on the card is inside the cage?...No? Maybe? Yes?... Okay. *sits back down* I didn't get an answer from the mirror... its like its been ignoring me all week...
Anyway, if you're going to have a PPV named after the match, make sure that EVERY match on the card has that as the match stipulation. For some reason, Mickie James vs. Michelle McCool - Hell in a Cell just has a good idea of drawing a crowd.

I can understand some name changes.
Breaking Point is a good concept because I actually like the concept of a Submissions Only PPV. BUT, why did they have to change Unforgiven? Couldn't they have just taken away Bragging Rights, which I think is one of the worst PPV concepts that I've ever heard of. I can understand it, but it should've linked onto Survivor Series in some way... but it didn't, it just died.
Also, are the WWE trying to make us seem completely (censored) retarded? Hmm... NO WAY OUT...hmm now there is two stipulations that I can get from those three words, Hell in a Cell/Elimination Chamber. Since they've had the Elimination Chamber there for the past few years maybe they might use it ag- ... WE AREN'T (censored) STUPID! You don't have to change it to "Elimination Chamber". You aren't going to have the Divas title or the ECW title up for grabs in an Elimination Chamber, why name the ENTIRE PPV that name? If the title of the PPV is No Way Out then of course we know what is going to be at the PPV.

I'm actually thinking that Wrestlemania 26 is going to completely (censored) suck. You want to know why?
Because it is going to be the only PPV that is going to have a Main Event match that has a ONE FALL finish. Every Main Event for every single PPV from Summerslam onwards has a stipulation.
Last time I checked, there has to be a built up rivalry from the previous PPV so that it turns into a rematch stipulation (backlash not included).
The last Main Event at a PPV which had a One Fall finish was Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk at The Bash. July! Six Months of stipulated matches!
Where is my One Fall No Stipulation finish for a World Championship Match?!

Look at 2004. Out of the 17 World Championship matches throughout the entire year on PPV... 11 were One Fall matches. The others, you ask? 2 Triple Threats, 1 Last Man Standing, 1 Fatal Four Way, 1 Last Ride, 1 Texas Bullrope.
If Wrestlemania is going to be the only PPV that has have a 1-on-1 One Fall World Championship Match, no one will want to watch it because all of the other PPV's are much more intense and exciting because they are the PPV's that have the match stipulations.

To prove my point. What are you going to watch out of these two matches...
Triple H vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania's Main Event for the WWE Championship?
Evan Bourne vs. Chavo Guerrero in a 3 Stages of Hell Grudge Match Mid-Card at Extreme Rules?
I rest my case.

*toasts Vanilla Coke to the audience of few*

Thank you all for tuning in. I hope that I can count on your continued support.

I'm The Nemesis, you've been a reader.
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Chaos Awards: Vol 14
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