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 Chaos Awards: Vol 2

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The Nemesis

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PostSubject: Chaos Awards: Vol 2   Wed Dec 16, 2009 10:49 pm

Greetings one and everyone and welcome to another edition of the Chaos Awards!

Hope you all enjoy! Let’s get this started!

Best Match – Legacy vs. Triple H
I don’t know why, but this match really made me wonder where they are going to really take Legacy. Triple H FINALLY got pinned by Rhodes and DiBiase.
Maybe it’s just me, but I think that what they were doing, making them out to be jobbers for Randy, wasn’t doing them justice.
Although, Rhodes looks smaller than a twig when he’s doing his entrance. But, he’s got the in ring skills to really step up his game, that is only if he can work with someone who can better his career.

Worst Match – Evan Bourne vs. Jack Swagger
Best Match last week, Worst Match this week.
Swagger did not hit some really crucial moves at the times when it could’ve made the match better. Not only this… I have never heard the crowd that dead, even when Swagger was doing his “I’m going to fire up to make my jaw seem even bigger than usual!” taunt.
Even when Swagger was beating down Bourne… Nope. Nothing from the crowd. D-E-A-D!
The only time the crowd was into it was when MVP came out to stand over Bourne and then they were cheering for MVP and not the match.

Best Performer of WWE – The Miz
How he can come out every week and do what he does to antagonize the crowd is nothing short of brilliant. The crowd hates him because he’s “AWESOME” and considers himself as a Ladies man, when in real life, he is the complete opposite.
I do hope that he continues to be in the WWE whatever way because there is a real future for Miz. At least I think there is. His gimmick needs a few tweaks but he could be minor title contender material in a few months.

Best Performers of TNA – Bobby Lashley & Samoa Joe
Samoa Joe and Lashley going at it and having to be physically restrained by a dozen guys was the highlight of the brawl for me. The second I saw those guys begin to go at it, bells started going off in my head. TNA wanted me to tune in, THAT is going to make me do it. Foley didn’t do much, neither did Angle, Sting, Booker, Nash, the rest of the MeM or World Elite. Lashley vs. Joe is a match not only that I’d want to see… but I’d want to see over and over again.

Worst Performer of WWE – Abraham Washington
Almost everyone reading will agree with this. (Enough Said)
Why do they continue to have his segment on ECW? It’s not even worth being on OVW or FCW. And Zach Ryder coming out to ‘interrupt’ him and run his mouth… Jeez, no wonder the crowd was chanting “This is stupid” (that was edited out by the WWE team).

Worst Performer of TNA – Scott Steiner
If you look at Scott when he is running to the ring at the end of this weeks TNA episode, he looks like he’s about to have a cardiac. He is completely out of it and only hit Foley a few times with some stomps and he is out of energy. I know that the brawl from earlier may have taken a lot out of him, but he could’ve saved a little and taken himself out of the eye of the camera… why didn’t he just do that?
He seriously needs time off. If he’s THAT tired just running down to the ring after a moderately physical match and a brawl where he didn’t really do much, then he’s screaming for time off.

Best Move/Change in WWE – The Return of Matt Hardy
I’m glad that he’s back. He’s had some time off and now he’s ready to come back.
Matt Hardy with his completely vacant look on Smackdown this past week has given me something to think about.
Whose side was Hardy on?
And was it just me or did Matt have a little beer gut on him? I guess the surgery that he had has affected his training schedule.
He wouldn’t look at Jeff but he stood up to Punk. I think that I sense another brother vs. brother feud… but this time for the World Title.
That would be a brilliant thing to watch as well. I believe the last time we had a brother vs. brother match for a world title was Owen vs. Bret back in 1995.

Worst Move/Change in WWE – Jeremy Piven as Guest Host

Okay… who the hell is Jeremy Piven? I know that I’m in Australia but I only heard of Entourage a few months ago when I saw a DVD for it in a local retailer. I never even knew that he was an actor… let alone a “star” on tv.
He stars in a new movie that I have never heard of or probably won’t hear of again. He hasn’t actually had a job in a “major” motion picture… ever. Yet he bags out The Miz for being a star on a reality TV show on MTV.
I’ve HEARD of The Miz. Therefore The Miz is better than Jeremy Piven.

Best Promo – Team 3D & Beer Money Inc.
What is a better way of brining these two teams together than to have every person angry at Eric Young?
When Brother Ray began to yell into the camera I seriously thought that he was going to jump through the screen, grab my shirt and hoist me halfway up the wall, just to yell into my ear the things he wanted to do to Eric Young.
They all look like they’ve just come out of a bar fight, but man can those guys cut promos.

Worst Promo – AJ Styles.
This should have been AJ’s time to really tear into Morgan. Prove to me and everyone that he can say it as well as show it.
”A meteor could hit this earth and it wouldn’t make me lose focus on Matt Morgan. I’m one win away from being where I want to be. One and done.”
Yes it would AJ. Because that meteor would’ve been me coming straight for you, telling you what to say and how to say it right.
”Matt Morgan has no idea what I will do just to get into the Main Event of Hard Justice. Matt Morgan is going to have to kill me to take this opportunity away from me. The Phenomenal, AJ Styles guarantees the world… I will be the next TNA World Champion. One… Two… Three.”
Not so hard, is it?

Best Moment – Jesse having his first non-jobber match as a singles wrestler on Smackdown
I know that this may seem like a boring thing to have as a Best Moment, but Jesse hasn’t been used as a wrestler in a while. He had a great match with Charlie Haas and I was very impressed with his in-ring work.
He’s been backstage with Cryme Tyme or doing house shows and being a jobber over the past few months since the draft. This can have a really good effect with Jesse and possibly even Cryme Tyme. I sense a partner and/or a rivalry really soon featuring Jesse and Cryme Tyme.
Also when was the last time someone had a Top-Rope Splash as their finisher? Drop me a line cause I can’t remember.

Worst Moment – Ken Jeong’s ENTIRE time on camera on Raw

I seriously wanted to Powerbomb this guy… twice… off the top rope… through the Announcers Table… that’s on fire… covered in barbwire, rattlesnakes, thumbtacks and acid… onto an Unsuspecting Grandma.
I actually felt like ripping out his vocal chords so I didn’t have to hear that voice of his… and that pacifier… *throws up*
But Jeong getting thrown by Cena and having his head hit the ramp with a *Donk* was a LOT funnier.

”Wow he sort of looks good in Red” Award
(Also titled “Best Substitute” Award) – Mark Henry
As soon as I saw Chavo in the ring from this weeks Raw, I instantly thought ‘No please, not again. Anything but Hornswoggle.’
It seems that my thought had got through to WWE writers, as Hornswoggle developed “Adult Chicken Pox” and couldn’t make it.
So they had a substitute, Mark Swoggle, complete with little Irish hat too.
The match was actually a good squash match… I know that it is a weird thing to say “Good squash match” but it was.
I’m not sure where Henry is going because it seems that he’s being used everywhere, he’s not in a rivalry. He’s being thrown into random matches.
Hmmm… Masters vs. Henry? Can anyone see a rivalry there?

Facepalm Award – WWE Writers
I know that it’s a marketing ploy to bring back DX cause EVERYONE likes them.
But honestly, if it is HBK who is coming back at Summerslam, I’m going to scream. Shawn doesn’t like doing the DX antics anymore, especially with his beliefs.
At least Shawn can do it with Hunter, so its not all bad.
The WWE NEEDS to build this hype a lot more over the next 2 weeks before Summerslam.
Otherwise, personally, I’m not going to enjoy it if they tease it and leave it open over the next two weeks.

Shocking to learn Award – No Divas matches on Smackdown
I don’t know why but on Smackdown there were no divas matches. I don’t know if the divas were given the night off or what, but was it just me or did the entire show seem a little better from it?
I cannot remember the last time that a weekly show, either Raw or Smackdown went without having at least one.
I think that the overall quality of the show improved from it purely and simply because the Divas nowadays are more worried about their mascara running rather than getting busted open from a stray punch.
The promo that they had made up for it though but I thought that it was sufficient for the show that they had.

A very close 2nd Award – Christian vs. Tommy Dreamer
This is what ECW was all about… except with a lot more blood lol.
I love the reverse of a Piledriver into Killswitch onto a Car Door… I can’t remember a car door ever being used as a single weapon in WWE. If there has been drop me a line.
Also the old school ECW with Tommy eating or drinking something before using the rest on his opponent, classic.
I hope that this continues with Christian and Dreamer. They have a good rivalry going on and its only going to get better in my opinion. I hope they have a classic match at Summerslam.

Person/People who I miss this week – Jericho from 7-10 years ago
Admit it… we all hate Jericho for what he says, but we all know that its entertainment.
I really miss the arrogant, cocky, young Jericho from that time ago. When he first came into the WWE/F around the time when they built him up and he won the Undisputed Title. He really stepped up his game and made himself known to be a really big player in the scheme of things back then. I really miss that Jericho.
I hope that if Jericho turns face (anytime really… I don’t care when) that he moulds back into that cocky style where he is just brilliant on the microphone and in the ring.
I hope that you people agree that back in 2001 when Jericho and The Rock were teamed up against people from the Alliance like Rhyno and Booker T that they really brought out the best in Jericho.

Thank you all for tuning into another special weekly awards night of lack lusting wonder and non-amazement.
I’m The Nemesis, you’ve been a reader.
Hope to all see you again! *sits down on a chair on the patio and cracks a can of Vanilla Coke*
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Chaos Awards: Vol 2
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