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 Chaos Awards: Vol 15

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The Nemesis

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PostSubject: Chaos Awards: Vol 15   Wed Dec 30, 2009 11:03 am

Greetings One and Everyone!

The Nemesis is here! A little late with my article. I apologize. Christmas isn't going to celebrate itself you know!

Well with...hang on *walks out of room*...
*walks back in with mouth full*... wiff all ov the lollief and chocolate now eaten. I can finally get back to hanging ovf the cfeiling!

Lets get to it!

Best Match – AJ Styles vs. Daniels
Okay. Brilliant. Just brilliant.
I wouldn't be surprised if Styles wins my Performer of the Year now. I always like it when I see a match between Daniels and Styles. Two of the greatest performers of the past few years.
This is the reason that I watch TNA. Because they just make it so much better in the matches that WORK. WWE on PPV at the moment is just dripping away slightly and TNA is starting to really show itself. I still don't think that TNA should go head-to-head with WWE just yet. They have the talent, but not the creative team.
I'd give them a year. Then try to take them on.

Worst Match – Vladimir Kozlov vs. Ezekiel Jackson
How long have these two been a "unit" or at each others throats? I believe it was said by a loyal reader in one of my very early chaos awards, that "Kozlov and Jackson should turn on each other as it may turn into something epic for the both of them". I believe the WWE should've listened to that reader months ago.
How many new stars are getting a main event status on ECW? How many times has the ECW championship been defended on a PPV in the last 6 months?
ECW is going downhill in almost freefall now. They will never ever recover. Ever.

Best Performer – Tommy Dreamer
After hearing the news that Tommy Dreamer is leaving, I honestly thought "about (censored) time".
Not because I don't like him, it's the opposite. I admire him. Tommy is a brilliant man, a brilliant wrestler and a fantastic worker. Tommy needs to get away from being a jobber. He was ECW Champion for a while and I believe that the WWE did what they needed to do to keep him around.
But look at TNA. Rhino, Dudley Boys, Steven Richards, Mick Foley... ECW Alumni.
Tommy should (and I believe, MUST) go to TNA. He would not only get a better deal, but I think he would get a better role, as well as being around his old friends.

Worst Performer – The ECW (censored) Village Idiot
I've said it once, I've said it about 17 times... GET ABRAHAM (censored) WASHINGTON OFF TV!
For Abraham to be the comedic reference in an interview with MARIA... how can the WWE allow that to happen?
There has got to be a solution to this... put The Show on the website, free up 15 minutes on ECW for quality wrestling... *laughs*... oh wait, that would be a waste of 14 minutes and 56 seconds of airtime.
With him and Tony "HAHAHA" Atlas on the air, it's pretty dismal to think that the ratings for ECW go up.
If they got rid of the Abraham Washington Show, I would start watching ECW again... and I'm not kidding about that, I would.
If ECW is taken away in 2010, I would glad to see WWE turn its back on Abraham Washington.

The All New 2009 Vanilla Coke W12 GXI is here!
This hot little hatchback will get you from 0-60mph in 3.4 seconds and has a top speed of 215 due to an impressive 6Ltr W12 Engine that produces 647BHP and a brand new carbon fiber kit!
It's the car for the guy who loves vanilla coke...and not much else. Praised by the critics as "Alright" and "Great for Ebay", the Vanilla Coke W12 GXI is the perfect hatchback for those with too much caffeine.
Drive 12 home today!

Best Promo – Jericho getting thrown off Raw
I know that i've named this Best Promo, but really... why is Jericho still on Raw?
I can understand that he was on Raw for being the Unified Tag Team Champions, but they aren't anymore. If his only reason for being on Raw is to promote brand rivalry then put ALL of (censored) Smackdown on there, not just the loudest one.
Speaking of which, why haven't the Unified Tag Champions been on ECW very much? Since Morrison and Miz lost the World Tag Team Titles at Wrestlemania 25 (when they were on ECW), I believe that the Tag Team Titles have been on ECW 5 times. Don't bother checking that, I have no idea if it is more than 5. I can just remember only 5 times.
Anyway, on a side note, I'm glad that DX are champions. First Tag Champions since Edge and Jericho that really look like they can improve the Tag Team Titles side of the WWE.

Worst Decision/The Promo that they haven't done – Umaga Tribute
Eddie Fatu was on and off with the company for years. The least they could do is a tribute package to him. He was Jamal in 3 Minute Warning and then he was Umaga for 3 years. The least they could do is show a small tribute package to the time that he was with the company. Even if its on ECW... it wouldn't matter, just as long as they did something to honour the memory of Umaga.
I know that he isn't with the company now, and wasn't for a for few months. But when figures who are no longer with the company pass away, they get a 30 second tribute package aired for them... why not for Umaga?

Goodbye Award – Christy Hemme
Honestly when I saw that Christy Hemme was hanging up the boots... I was actually shocked.
She says in here recent Knockouts Tag match (which has been happening more frequently on TNA) Christy thought she had re-injured her neck and got a huge fright out of it. This was enough to force her to hang up the boots.
I'm not going to argue with her. If I was in her position and I feel as if my neck may have been broken, then i'd hang up the boots too.
It is a shame to see her go honestly.
Hemme won the diva search in 2004... and then didn't win anything else! She competed, and lost, at Wrestlemania and I don't think she ever went for championship gold again in the WWE.
I'll miss her in the ring. People can say that "she wasn't that good", but even you would have to admit, she is better than some of the divas nowadays.

"What are they doing now?: Award – WWE PPV Changes for 2010
Okay, try and follow me with this...
Night of Champions has been moved for the 3rd Straight Year. It is now replacing Breaking Point which has been scrapped...
Elimination Chamber has replaced No Way Out. (As we all knew)
Judgment Day is gone.
...and apparently there is NO PPV for June and July, which means that Vengeance and The Bash are both gone.
What the (censored) is going on? I know that I'm not stupid, but I fail to see the complete reason for doing this. Everything was completely fine.
As I said last week, why change the names of the PPV's... now they are changing all of the dates? It wouldn't surprise me that Wrestlemania ends up just before Christmas at this rate.
*shakes head* Here is an idea for the creative team.
Make one PPV per month. The last sunday of every month. Even if its a 5 week month, who cares... gives you an extra week to think up matches and add them in at the last minute.
Its getting ridiculous. I'm so glad that the Royal Rumble is up next, because i KNOW this one isn't going to change... or is it?

Fan-(censored)-tastic Award - TNA Rescheduling Tour
Now, I live in Australia. So I'm naturally (censored) about TNA changing the tour dates.
But they changed the tour dates because they are going to compete with the WWE. Why do we have to miss out because of their (censored) egos?
I do understand why they are doing what they are doing, but why do we have to suffer? If it was any other country, I think that country would have the same issue.
If you postpone a tour because you change your television schedule... shouldn't you at least take that into consideration BEFORE announcing or promoting a tour?

The Nemesis' Chaotic Top Ten
1. John Cena
2. Undertaker
3. AJ Styles
4. Sheamus
5. Rey Mysterio
6. Randy Orton
7. Triple H
8. Kane
9. Shawn Michaels
10. Kofi Kingston

Ladies and Gentleman, I can announce early, from the tremendous lead that he has now accumulated... The Performer of the Year... is AJ Styles!
Now it's a race for the minor placings
Performer of the Year
1. AJ Styles – 197pts
2. John Cena – 155pts
=3. Chris Jericho – 149pts
=3. Triple H – 149pts
5. John Morrison – 146pts
6. Randy Orton – 127pts
7. Undertaker – 126pts
8. Shawn Michaels – 124pts
9. The Miz – 110pts
10. Batista – 104pts
* Voting for Umaga stopped on June 8th (Was 6th at the time)
* Voting for Edge stopped on July 18th (Edge was 1st at the time)
* Voting for Jeff Hardy stopped on August 29th (Was 4th at the time)

I'm still looking for more people to help me out with the 2010 Chaos Awards! The more people involved, the more chances of prizes and giveaways! Ask to join today!

Have you ever thought to yourself, "The stains on my carpet seem to never go away. No matter how much I scrub!"
Well worry no more! Thanks to the new Vanilla Coke Colour Carpet!
Our technicians have worked tirelessly to bring you the latest in stain vision assessments and found that if anything is stained on our Vanilla Coke Carpet, you won't see it! Ever!
Vanilla Coke Carpets. For those tough stains that you will never see!

Person/People who I miss this week – Brock Lesnar
I miss him for the wrong reason. Not for his physical domination of almost anyone. Or that he could execute moves flawlessly. I miss Lesnar because of his overpowering fear that he could shove down your throat.
Lesnar was dominating, big, powerful and unstoppable, but it was the ability to make you fear him that was his overwhemling characteristic and one that is still largely overlooked.
You would look at Lesnar as he would take huge swinging chair shots from Jeff Hardy, then suddenly...F5... pinfall. You would sit there with your mouth open, staring, thinking "What just happened?"
I've had people tell me that "Sheamus is the new Lesnar". I say, no. No he isn't.
Sheamus has won a World Title aged 31. Lesnar was 25 and at the time, the youngest ever to do so.
Lesnar was a dominating force and looked menacing no matter who he took on. Sheamus has been in ECW and only recently moved to RAW where (I don't think) he's made much of an impression.
In my opinion, and I think in mine only, Lesnar wasn't a great champion. He was a GOOD champion, but he shouldn't have become champion so quickly. He stayed with the company for 2 years and then fell away to MMA. How can he be considered a great champion?
Sheamus is now the new WWE Champion, and I'm sorry to say... I'd rather Lesnar over Sheamus anyday.

Thank you for tuning in everyone! I hope that you have a very Merry Christmas and a safe new year. I'll continue my articles and I'm still looking for more help... HELP! *laughs*

*raises a glass of Vanilla Coke* may the bluebird of happiness (censored) down your chimney.

I'm The Nemesis, you've been a reader.
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Chaos Awards: Vol 15
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