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 2009 Golden Chaos Awards

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The Nemesis

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PostSubject: 2009 Golden Chaos Awards   Fri Jan 08, 2010 7:58 am

Greetings everyone! I am The Nemesis and welcome to the 2009 Golden Chaos Awards!
*trumpets sound and confetti falls from the ceiling*

2009 has been a year of... okay it's been kind of lame hasn't it?
Mostly due to repetitive storylines... Anyway, Lets not dawdle and get straight into it!

Best Rookie
The Nominations are:
Desmond Wolfe
Hart Dynasty
Dolph Ziggler

And the Winner is...

He came onto the scene not long ago, June 30th to be exact. Now, just 6 months later, he is WWE Champion. There has to be something about his character or charisma that has gotten him to the top so quickly.
He has been a part of the company for a long time but it has only been just recently that he has been able to step up to the big leagues and become a contender.
I will say that Sheamus has presented himself well. I still believe that he should've waited to become champion though.

Biggest Shock to Leave Company
Mr. Kennedy
Shane McMahon
Ron Simmons

And the Winner is...
Mr. Kennedy

It was one of the worst decisions i've ever heard of for WWE to release Mr. Kennedy.
They said that he injured his hand again, but we all know it Orton being a (censored) baby. "You landed wrong! I could've broken my neck!" (censored) me Orton.
Mr. Kennedy had several injuries as a top competitor and they called him a "liability". How can you be in the business of professional wrestling and NOT be a liability every time you step into the ring?
Every move that they do can be a potential injury. We know that they train, we know that they practice everything day in day out... but its still dangerous.

Worst Mistake
The Nominations are:
WWE PPV Changes
Orton's Violence Disability Promos
Chavo Jobbing to Hornswoggle
Entire Summerslam PPV

And the Winner is...
Orton's Violence Disability Promos

This was an incredible FAIL for the WWE.
Because when Orton was bashing the (censored) out of Triple H and Shane McMahon, he was let off because of whatever the (censored) he had, but why didn't they do anything about Rhodes and DiBiase who were doing EXACTLY THE SAME THING?
I know that it made Randy the highest heel in the WWE, but why didn't they just stick with the storyline that Randy is an evil (censored)? That would've made slightly more sense!

Best Decision
The Nominations are:
Styles TNA World Champion
Morrison IC Champion
Sheamus WWE Champion
Punk's heel turn

And the Winner is...
Punk's Heel Turn

I originally didn't think that this was going to be a good idea, but then I looked to the future. When Edge comes back as a possible face against Jericho, Punk is the only other "top" heel on Smackdown. By the way, I say top heel except Punk isn't really at the top anymore, but he can still be a main eventer if Vince would (censored) let him.
Punk to be a heel was a brilliant transition. It was fluent and made us all hate him at the start for doing one thing that is just normal in the WWE. Cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase.
We hated Punk for who he was. A straight edge star that tried to shove his words down everyone's throat. Well done CM Punk.

Worst Moment of the Year
The Nominations are:
WWE Releases
Christy Hemme breaks her neck in training
Taker landing on his head at WM
Edge gets injured

And the Winner is...
Edge gets injured

This one moment probably changed the entire course of 2009 for the WWE.
Arguably the most popular heel in entertainment, Edge's injury set back months of planning shead for the tag team title reign with Edge and Chris Jericho. Now that Jericho is continuing on with Big Show and saying that his former partner was a weak link in their team, Edge might return the one thing he hasn't been in over 5 years. Face.
Anyone who has the WWE DVD Global Warning Tour of 2002 would know that on the card for that match was Chris Jericho vs. Edge. Jericho having lost to a rookie by the name of John Cena at the previous PPV. Edge coming off a huge hype with the crowd solidly behind him after his battles with Christian over 2001. The Edgeheads in the crowd were going mad and rightly so. The day Edge turned heel was the moment that everything in his life (and other lives) would change dramatically. I think that Edge returning whatever he returns as (Face or Heel) would be a brilliant comeback and a moment of 2010.

Most Shocking Moment of 2009
The Nominations are:
HHH invading Orton's House
RVD Enters the Royal Rumble at #25
Sheamus wins the WWE Championship
Shawn Michaels kicking out of Undertaker's Tombstone

And the Winner is...
RVD enters the Royal Rumble at #25

This is the most shocking moment because NO ONE SAW IT COMING!
When his music hit, everyone jumps out of their seats and screams their lungs out. Why? Because no one had seen Rob Van Dam on WWE TV in over a year. It was a huge shock and a moment that I, as a fan, won't forget anytime soon.
Rob left the WWE to help his wife go through her cancer battle. I really do hope that he does return to wrestling soon. The reception would be spectacular.

Vanilla Coke is a proud sponsor of the Chaos Awards.
The Nemesis: I'd like to thank everyone assoicaited with Vanilla Coke for helping me get through each day. I don't know what I'd do without my 17 litres a day.
Vanilla Coke. He drinks it. Why don't you?

Worst Rivalry
The Nominations are:
Vickie Guerrero vs. Santina Marella
Chavo Guererro vs. Hornswoggle
Kane vs. Mike Knox
The Great Khali vs. Kane

And the Winner is...
Vickie Guerrero vs. Santina Marella

Putting Vickie Guerrero in the ring is the same as telling the Big Show that he can win Miss Teen USA. It's not good on all levels... including Big Show in a Mankini. *shudders*
Honestly, this was terrible as a match, terrible as a rivalry and terrible everything else. It was a stupid idea to do. I'm glad it didn't last very long...
Oh for (censored) sake..."I SAID EXCUSE ME!"
FINE YOU'RE (censored) EXCUSED! NOW (censored) OFF!
Vickie was a great GM because she was the person everyone would've paid big big money to watch her get beaten into next month. She had the ability to make you hate her with two words. "EXC-" Say it again and i'm tearing your lips off...
Much better.
Santino's gimmick was comedic to start with... but I spent the rest of this year wondering if Santino was going to have a decent match. I'm starting to doubt if Santino will ever be respected again.
He was a great wrestler. Winning the Intercontinental championship twice, once with Lashley's help. But now he is the comedic relief. Why? I thought that was, and still is, Hornswoggle and DX. Where is the wrestling on a wrestling program?

Rivalry of the Year
The Nominations are:
Randy Orton vs. Triple H
John Cena vs. Randy Orton
Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio
Edge vs. Jeff Hardy

And the Winner is...
Randy Orton vs. Triple H

This is the rivalry because of what lead up to them having to face off at Wrestlemania.
Randy won the rumble. Fought Shane. RKO'd Stephanie which lead to WWE finally revealing that Triple H is Stephanie's husband (even though we already knew it). It made Triple H want to kill Randy.
The matches weren't that spectacular, I admit... but at least this was the rivalry that we talked about. Because from this it spanned into DX vs. Legacy and also to Orton vs. Cena.
I did enjoy this rivalry. Much better than others.

Worst Match of the Year
The Nominations are:
Christian vs. William Regal - Summerslam
Jillian vs. Mickie James - Raw
Abyss vs. Mick Foley - Bound For Glory
Sharmell vs. Jenna - Victory Road

And the Winner is...
Jillian vs. Mickie James - Raw

Sorry. You all know why this has won the Worst Match Award. Jillian Hall is a Manager. She always has been and always will be. Just because she has a lot of *cough* talent *cough* at not singing properly, doesn't mean that she can instantly be given a championship, even if it was for a hand ful of minutes.
Everyone knows why this match sucked. Even if Melina beat Jillian for the title moments later, it still cannot be (censored) sugar coated.

Worst Performer of the Year
The Nominations are:
Jack Swagger
Vladimir Kozlov
Tyler Reks
Abraham Washington

And the Winner is...
The Villiage Idiot. I mean... Abraham Washington

There is no one worse than Washington.
Swagger has had a bad year. But at least he CAN perform well in the ring at times.
Kozlov can't speak english, but he has a storyline and a gimmick.
Tyler Reks. At least... umm... he has a gimmick! A bad one, but its a gimmick!
Washington... doesn't have a gimmick, only hosts a "talk show" that absolutely NO ONE likes, has never been in the ring and I don't think he's ever been in any physical altercations. Send him to Raw for one week and get HBK to kick his jaw off his (censored) face.

Match of the Year
The Nominations are:
Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels - Wrestlemania 25
John Cena vs. Randy Orton - Bragging Rights
John Morrison vs. Rey Mysterio - Smackdown
AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle - TNA Impact

And the Winner is...
John Morrison vs. Rey Mysterio - Smackdown

I know what you all must be thinking, why not Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels? Two reasons.
One. We know that Undertaker and Shawn can go at it at Wrestlemania. It is their event. Smackdown was just another show that had almost the same card and yet we produce a match almost equally as good.
Two. This match was never supposed to happen. It was thrown together last minute because Mysterio was getting suspended. The match was brilliant. It is the most talked about match of Smackdown of 2009 and probably the most non-PPV talked about match of 2009.
It is match of the year because we got a PPV quality match with two very popular superstars on a regular weekly TV show. If that had happened at a PPV, it would've been given more praise than what it already had.

and finally...
Performer of the Year
The Nominations are:
Randy Orton
Chris Jericho
John Cena
AJ Styles

And the Winner is...
AJ Styles

How can you not like this guys in-ring skills?
He's the candidate for the almost perfect wrestler. But the best thing about him, he's in TNA.
I wonder how much the WWE is (censored) themselves knowing that he they only gave him one chance? Probably a lot. AJ Styles is one of the most talented people i've ever seen in the ring. He just knows what to do at that point of a match. He can make the match go from a 3 star match to a 4.5 star match in one single move.
If you want a reason to watch TNA. Styles is that reason. With him, it doesn't matter about the bad interviews or backstage segments. Its just the good wrestling.

Here's how the Top Ten finished
1. AJ Styles – 225pts
2. John Cena – 173pts
3. Triple H – 162pts

4. Chris Jericho – 153pts
5. John Morrison – 152pts
6. Undertaker – 146pts
7. Shawn Michaels – 132pts
8. Randy Orton – 129pts
9. The Miz – 110pts
10. Batista – 109pts

Well Ladies and Gentleman. I thank you for tuning in over the past year. It has been a wonderful year of thrills and surprises. I hope you can all tune into the Chaos Awards next week where we will start a whole new year!

I'm The Nemesis. You've been a reader.
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2009 Golden Chaos Awards
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