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 Chaos Awards: Vol 4

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PostSubject: Chaos Awards: Vol 4   Wed Dec 16, 2009 10:58 pm

Greetings one and everyone!! Welcome to another exciting (and hyperactively dull) edition of the Chaos Awards!!
We are just a few days from Summerslam, so lets not waste anymore time… *drinks can of vanilla coke* …and get into it!

Best Match – The Hardy Boyz & John Morrison vs. The Hart Dynasty & CM Punk
Man this match had it all.
Beautiful double teaming by both teams, with high flying action and DH Smith stepping up his game. I can honestly say that this was a GOOD tag team main event for Smackdown.
If that is Jeff’s last ever Smackdown appearance for a long time, I’m glad it was a match of that caliber.
I would honestly like to see what happens at Summerslam just because of the chemistry between Morrison and Matt as a tag team. I would like to hope that Jeff retains but gets beaten down by Punk so badly that he has to “forfeit” the title. It would be a good way to go out if he ever returns.

Worst Match – Jack Swagger vs. MVP
Is it just me or did I blink and miss this match?
Swagger taking on MVP. I thought to myself, ‘FINALLY a match between them!’. Well that didn’t last. A whole minute long match that ends with a crappy ending and everyone looking stupid, wondering why they had to make that a fill-in match.
All they’ve done for this rivalry is stared off at each other for 3 minutes and had a match for 45 seconds. What in the blue hell are the writers doing to these guys?
If you’re going to reverse push both of these guys, at least do it with a bit of dignity.
Swagger has now had 4 weeks in a row where he has been in matches of 5 minutes or less.
MVP has now had 3 weeks in a row where his entire time on camera has been one minute or less.
Give them the credit they BOTH deserve.

Best Performer of WWE – Matt Hardy
Thank heavens that he is back. I cannot wait to see Matt in action again as a singles competitor.
The old Hardy’s music hits and it’s just a see of cheers. It was so good to see the Hardys in a tag team again.
If the writers play their cards right, Matt should pick up the ball where his brother is going to drop it and say to punk that he hasn’t been drinking, he hasn’t done drugs and he is as good as his brother and that Punk can shut his mouth about his family. *ding* RIVALRY!!
I think that Punk with the World Title is starting to get to me because they can’t push him for a long reign. Matt Hardy however could be useful as an interim champion. I think that not only does Jeff deserve the belt now, but Matt with the belt would be even sweeter.

Best Performer of TNA – Kurt Angle
I know that we can say that he’s overrated, that he’s done and a has been who is holding onto what little main event status that he has left, but Kurt Angle this week showed me that he’s still got it.
Angle’s promo to Matt Morgan he legitimately looked scared which was good acting considering Morgan broke the weapon (laughing edited out).
Angle getting punched by Lashley, looked like he’d just been hit by a mountain and finally Angle walking away from Morgan saying :I’m sorry but it wasn’t my fault” and Morgan just trying to burn anger into Angle’s skin.
Angle is showing me that he’s still got it. I think that he’s playing his part well. He could play it better… but he’s still playing it well for now.

Worst Performer of WWE – The WWE Referees
This is starting to annoy the hell out of me. Referee’s not only looking like they just fell out of bed, but not actually doing proper three, five and ten counts and making themselves look like (censored) in front of the whole wrestling world.
What is wrong with actually taking a hard bump nowadays?

Worst Performer of TNA – TNA Security
Oh My God…
The Beautiful People are ganging up on Rayne, so you have TNA Security guards trying “desperately” to push them and keep them away… and not doing a very god job of it. What show are they on? Jerry Springer?
and secondly…
Lashley gets shoved by Angle, Lashley punches Angle.
48 Security guards come out… 47 of them are trying to restrain Lashley. ONE is watching angle back away… for (censored) sake…
What the hell are they doing?
I wanted to see exactly like the backstage part of the brawl a few weeks ago, Lashley vs. Samoa Joe with 100 Security guards trying to pull them away from each other. THAT’S what I want to see from security.

Best Promo – John Cena
This is the authentic old style Cena that I loved to watch 3-4 years ago. I hope that he can stay this way for a while.
These promos basically capped off the era that was Cena. 2005-2007 we were treated to these promos week in, week out.
It was a sad time when he got injured, because we were subjected to Orton’s “one man dynasty”. I honestly hope that Cena can win the title at Summerslam, but I’m not sure that the WWE Writers will let the title escape Orton’s hands for a little while longer.

Worst Promo – Hernandez & Eric Young
This promo could’ve been something unbelievable if they had enough time to extend this and letting Hernandez talk for another minute or so.
Eric Young is just looking like he’s a kid asking Hernandez to come and join his club because he’s the toughest and he looks cool.
When I was watching this, I shook my head in disgust. Eric Young says that he is proud where he is from. Last time I checked… Eric Young joined the World Elite because he didn’t like being one of the TNA Originals… did he just contradict himself?
One of the worst promo’s from TNA. There have been plenty… but geez…

Best Move/Change – Taz doing commentary for TNA
Thank god he is back where he belongs. Taz is and always will be, one of the best voices of professional wrestling. Why the WWE let him go is just a brain explosion, I’m glad that he’s with TNA because it will be another reason for me to tune in every week.

Worst Move/Change – Samoa Joe with the X Division Title
Just no. Just… no.
Samoa Joe should have the world title. X Division Title should be reserved for the Up and Coming stars of TNA. Sort of like the US or Intercontinental Title or the WWE. Who do they give it to? The one guy who is just a complete machine who can be stopped by almost nobody. Why do this? I have no idea. Hopefully its going to result in Samoa Joe turning against the MEM, if not, it’s going to just be terrible.

Most Memorable Moment – Legacy attacking DX
Legacy have just ignited a fire that will not be put out.
It has been a long time since someone actually answered the question “Are You Ready?” and I think it’s a great thing that Legacy just didn’t stand back and take the crap.
This has really made them stand up and take on a much bigger role than what I think they have been waiting for, actual contenders against some very tough and outstanding opposition.
I can see DX vs. Legacy going for at least three months. This is how I think it will turn out.
Summerslam – If Legacy wins, it will go to Breaking Point where DX will pick up the victory and then it will go to Hell in a Cell which DX will also win but causing the split of Legacy.
If DX wins, it will go to Breaking Point where it will be one-on-one matches (Rhodes vs. HBK, DiBiase vs. HHH) where it will be one win for each side but Legacy still claiming that they won. Then at Hell in a Cell, DX wins but Legacy keep at them until Survivor Series where DX still wins and causes the split of Legacy.

Worst Moment – Jeff Hardy’s Twist of Fate to CM Punk after the promo
Holy crap.
Did anyone see how close Hardy was to splitting the back of his head open on the ladder?
And how close Punk was to getting squashed by the supports of the ladder?
The promo was good and the twist of fate was good but when that ladder started coming down, it started to look like it was going to end in disaster.
If Hardy had waited half a second, he would’ve been in trouble.

”Best thing about the hosts” Award – Santino
Is it just me or is Santino really picking the spirit of Raw up a lot, especially when the hosts are around? ZZ Top, Freddie Prince Jr. and when Donald Trump “owned” Raw, Santino was a highlight of the night. It’s not shock that Santino is such a crowd favourite with his Italian Stereotype. I maybe the only one who thinks that Santino deserves a US Title shot just from the amount of comedy that he’s done.
I think that he’s going to be doing his comedy thing and just make fun of the wrong person and it will start a thing where he’s trying to avoid that person for the rest of the month… like Khali and Santina.

Heartfelt Award – AJ Styles
This WAS turning out to be a really good promo.
Sting could have brought Styles up and wished him goodbye… THEN cut him down and tell him to get his head in the game. It would’ve made it MUCH better TV.
Styles was doing a fantastic Promo… and it was going to be put into the Best Promo award… I was halfway writing it in… then Sting came out.
TNA missed the trick with Styles this week. But this time, it wasn’t AJ’s fault.

Person/People who I miss this week – Mr. Kennedy
After reading the rant that Ken did on a radio program bashing Orton and WWE itself, it made me realize what happens backstage can alter and drastically change in a few short months.
I’ll admit that I didn’t like the Kennedy character to start off with. I though he was loud and obnoxious. But after a year or so I began to see the reasoning behind his character and grew to tolerate him as a performer.
After Kennedy returned from injury and “apparently” almost injured Orton in his match back, Orton went to Steph and Vince and began to launch into a barrage of words against Ken, even though the two of them had been close friends for a long time.
This made me realized who really should’ve been fired, and it’s not Kennedy.
It’s Vince.
He has got to step aside and let Shane, Steph and HHH work this company from the ground up and bring it back to the level that it was a few years ago. Not only has the company and matches gotten stale, but I find myself turning off ECW to watch a DVD that I haven’t watched in years.
Vince, the tribe has spoken.

I know that this will be posted after Summerslam, but here are my predictions.
WWE Title – Orton
World Heavyweight Title – Punk
ECW Title – Christian
Unified Tag Team Titles – Cryme Tyme
DX vs. Legacy – DX
Swagger vs. MVP (okay I don’t actually care) – MVP
IC Title – Ziggler
Kane vs. Khali – Kane

Hope you all still enjoy every word that I have brought you this week. Stay tuned for the up coming, Chaos Awards: Summerslam Edition!!

Community Service Announcement: Vanilla Coke is an essential nutrient in ones hourly diet. Remember to take 4L per serving kids!

Until next time, I’m The Nemesis, you’ve been a reader.
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Chaos Awards: Vol 4
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