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 Chaos Awards: Vol 20

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The Nemesis

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PostSubject: Chaos Awards: Vol 20   Tue Feb 23, 2010 5:23 pm

Greetings One and Everyone!

Welcome to the 20th Edition of the Chaos Awards!

I thank you all for tuning in to read my 2000 words of drivel that I call an article every week. It has been a pleasure writing to you and I hope that I have many many more to come!

Anyway, as usual, onto business!

Best Match – Chris Jericho vs. The Undertaker
Wait. Is Edge a Face, Tweener or Heel? Because he doesn’t like Jericho, yet he speared Taker and… I don’t get it! Runs into a wall from confusion.
Thank heavens we finally get a main event on Smackdown that is more than just mildly entertaining. I could have Edge on commentary all night. Why didn’t he come back and replace Jim Ross when JR got sick?
Anyway, next week is Edge vs. Batista. I’m actually looking for to and NOT looking forward to this match. I’m looking forward to it because it is Edge return match in singles competition. I’m not looking forward to it because he’s facing Batista.
Why can’t Edge take on someone who has actually been credible in the last few weeks/months? Like Rey or Ziggler or McIntyre?
I think the Main Event of next weeks Smackdown will be a sleep fest. Batista with the early offence. Stare down. Slow moments. 6 minutes later, Edge gets the upper hand. Edgecution, Kick out at 2. Misses Spear. Batista gets more on the upper hand, Edge counters, Spear. Pin.
Not hard…

Worst Match – Drew McIntyre vs. Kane (Smackdown)
What the hell does this match actually achieve?
To prove that Drew McIntyre is a soft little girl who wants to run away from the Big Red Monster?
Honesty, Drew can be a good champion. Just give him credible matches. I’m not saying that Kane isn’t a credible opponent… I’m saying that making a Double Countout for a match against Kane isn’t a credible match with a credible opponent. I mean who is Drew trying to become? Dolph Ziggler?
I think Kane has been in more Countout matches in the last 6 weeks than any other superstar has in their entire career!
Kane is never going to get a good push. So why put him in these types of lame matches? He’ll be retiring soon… at least give him the respect that he’s deserves.
Give him the IC Title. Let him hold it for at least 3 months. Then turn him heel and give him a decent rivalry with someone.
It’s what most of us want to see.
Note: After typing this I have just learnt that WWE has announced a new match at Elimination Chamber. Drew McIntyre vs. Kane for the Intercontinental Championship.
Wow. Can I pick it or WHAT?! Thank heavens that the WWE finally listens (somewhat).

Best Performer – The Miz
Well, now we know who is going to be bed buddies now on Raw. The Miz and Big Show. Just like Chris Jericho and Big Show, they are going to boast and call themselves Big and AWESOME!
I’m not really looking forward to their tag run, but I am interested to see how The Miz goes on with this. I’m trying to think if this is Big Show’s face turn or The Miz’s even deeper Heel run.
I will admit that The Miz has become a better performer in the last two years, but he really needs to get rid of that US Title. That or keep it and let the WWE reintroduce the Cruiserweight Championship and make it a title that has to be defended on all three brands.

Worst Performer – Hulk Bogan
That isn’t a Typo. I mean to call him Hulk Bogan.
Hulk and Eric Bitchoff are destroying TNA. They are making me turn away from the product that I want to watch. I want to like TNA. I really do. But NOT when they take a dump in the middle of the ring every week.
Having the attack on Kurt Angle at the end of TNA just reinforced the fact that Hogan wants to put the old guys over, then screw over those old guys and put himself on top. They don’t want to push the young stars. The new stars that have the MOUNTAIN of potential but no platform to launch off.
The Motor City Machine Guns and Beer Money Inc. are my points in question.
These guys are brilliant in the ring. Beer Money is getting a backward push because Bitchoff doesn’t think that they are Main Event stars and MCMG’s are getting held back because they didn’t want to cut in a match against Team 3D.
You have got to be kidding me. Four of the best guys in the business (and two of the best tags in the business) and they are getting a backwards push? Someone explain to me hot that is supposed to benefit us and the industry as a whole?

Best/Worst Moment – Yoshi Tatsu & Goldust becoming #1 Contenders
Oh man. Can someone say SQUASH MATCH!?
This is going to be really bad for ECW. If Yoshi and Goldust win, it will be one of the upsets of the century.
Anyway, I think this may just me a match to either split up Goldust and Tatsu for the end of ECW, OR be the platform for Yoshi and Goldust to stick together and become a good tag team and go to Raw or Smackdown and feud with Miz and Show for a while.
I’m predicting something terrible… very terrible… Which will be a really bad ending to a really bad match.

Worst Promo – John Morrison breaking his ankle work over
Sorry if you didn’t know this, but it was reported that Morrison broke his ankle in three places on Smackdown. He must have made a miraculous recovery because he wrestled against Matt Hardy at a House Show and looked like he could jump over a moving bus that was covered in tartar sauce and was somehow on fire.
If the WWE wanted Morrison out of the chamber match so the new “crazy” HBK could enter in… why not just turn HBK heel and make him attack Morrison?
It would’ve been better than wasting 5 minutes of airtime like they did.
Run in, causing a DQ. Superkick. A few steel chair shots to the knee. Easy work! Not this work over crap from Morrison’s twitter!
It’s not entertaining if this is the way that the WWE is going with this. If Morrison turns up to Smackdown in a wheelchair or in a cast or something to say “I have a broken ankle and I can’t be in the Elimination Chamber at Wrestlemania” I won’t watch the rest of Smackdown.
That will just make me want to hurl fridges at little passing kids on tricycles. Or throw unsuspecting grandmas into oncoming traffic.

Question: Hello The Nemesis, Congratulations on 20 Chaos Awards! I want to ask you who you think the Future stars of the WWE are?
Well I have a few ideas for this.
Firstly, Ted DiBiase. This is his month. He will either make or break himself in this month and I hope that he shines and becomes the new WWE Champion.
Drew McIntyre. The Scottish lad who is the current Intercontinental Champion. I believe that he has the potential and the ability to have a great reign as IC Champion, but not if 9 out of every 10 matches that he has… SUCK!
Cody Rhodes. United States Championship OR another Tag Team Title reign by Summerslam.
Evan Bourne. Put this guy in a Main Event role and he will deliver! Move him to Smackdown where he can really take hold of his talent!
But I’m going to narrow the future of the WWE down to 3 words.
YES! Dolph Ziggler!
Everyone is now wondering why. Because he is the brash young cocky heel kid who has the physical prowess and technique that comes with wrestling, as well as the looks. If only he had the brains.
Thing is, he has.
He has been a fan of wrestling since he was 5 and made the decision to become a wrestler at age 12. He’s custom made to be a wrestler.
I’ve said it time and time again… Dolph should’ve been Intercontinental Champion. Dolph would be a better Champion than Drew. Hands down.
Dolph Ziggler for Money in the Bank to use it on John Morrison after TLC 2010.

Chaotic Top Ten
1. Randy Orton
2. Edge
3. Kurt Angle
4. Chris Jericho
5. Mickie James
6. Tara
7. Angelina Love
8. AJ Styles
9. The Miz
10. Hernandez

Performer of the Year
1. Kurt Angle – 350 pts
2. Randy Orton – 343 pts
3. Chris Jericho – 300 pts
4. AJ Styles – 291 pts
5. Mickie James – 261 pts
6. Triple H – 193.5 pts
7. Maryse – 180 pts
8. Shawn Michaels – 174.5 pts
9. Matt Morgan – 168 pts
10. Velvet Sky – 165.75 pts

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A solid blob of Vanilla Coke flavoured Ice Cream covered in rich milk chocolate and then covered in an even richer Vanilla Coke Serum which is covered in even creamier milk chocolate for the ultimate Vanilla Coke Ice Cream taste.
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The Vanilla Coke Magnum Ice Cream. The Nemesis’ approved!
”The Nemesis: Sooo…. Much…. Sugar….”

The Bottle Won't Open Rant
Well Survivor Series is gone.
Well done Vince. Congratulations for throwing away the vote for everyone over the age of 23.
Survivor Series was the birthplace of the Undertaker… now, it’s just dead.
Vince says that Survivor Series has “outlasted its usage”. By those words, Royal Rumble, Summerslam and Wrestlemania have outlasted their usage! What else can you say or do that is going to make me completely stop wanting to watch wrestling?
The legacy of Survivor Series will forever remain in our memories. 2001: The end of WCW and ECW – The Alliance. 2002: The First Elimination Chamber. 2006: Team DX vs. Team Rated RKO. 1990: The Birth of the Undertaker. 1997: The Montreal Screwjob.
There is so much to remember but the thing is... it didn’t have to die. The buy rates went down by 26% because of the crappy card that Vince put out. No one wanted to watch the PPV because of the lame ass matches that were presented. So Vince, take your head out of your arse and listen to me! Stop being a stupid businessman thinking about your damn wallet and listen to what the fans want! BETTER MATCHES AND STORYLINES!

Although on a separate note:
I can finally say that January 4th, 2010 will forever be known as the day that wrestling fans realized that the wrestling business was finally thrown in the garbage. Tell both Dixie and Vince that both of their products are *massively edited*. You don’t need the crap that is out there now. This is just pathetic that we have to sit through all of this week in week out. I want to be a wrestling fan. I really do. But I think I might just go in the direction that everyone else says. If I don’t like it, I won’t watch it.

It is sad to see Survivor Series gone. In a way, I can see why Vince made his decision but in the end, it was the bad card of last year that truly made the buy rates plummet.

Let us hope there are no more Gimmick PPV’s soon. Vince has to do the right thing for the fans, not JUST the PG fans.

I’m The Nemesis, you've been a reader.
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Chaos Awards: Vol 20
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