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 Chaos Awards: Vol 22

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PostSubject: Chaos Awards: Vol 22   Wed Mar 10, 2010 7:21 pm

Greetings One and Everyone!

I’m not in a good mood this week after watching Elimination Chamber.

Congratulations WWE and TNA for making me dislike three things that I admire a lot about the history of wrestling.
Undertaker’s Streak
Stipulated World Championship Matches
Short Intense Rivalries

Thank you for ripping it out of my brain!

Anyway, Onto Business!!

Best Match – Raw Elimination Chamber
John Cena vs. Sheamus vs. Triple H vs. Randy Orton vs. Ted DiBiase vs. Kofi Kingston
Okay. I know that everyone is going to come down on me for this, but it was the only match that had a positive outcome.
I don’t care that Cena won the Chamber. I care that McMahon just gave Batista a title shot… directly after the Chamber.
Why the hell did Batista get a title shot? I want to know!
He didn’t have Money in the Bank. He wasn’t the #1 contender. There was no rematch clause.
So, ladies and gentleman and readers of all ages, please stand up and say it proudly with me.
Vince… GET *edited*.
You think you know what is better for the company? How about leaving the belt on Cena for Bret Hart to be in his corner and associate himself with a “champion” and Vince can be in Batista’s corner to associate himself with an “animal”? Have you ever thought about that Vince? NO! Because you want the Babyface vs. Super Heel Champion!

Worst Match – Rob Terry vs. Mr. Anderson
What is the deal with all of these squash matches against good opponents?
TNA has the credibility there. Why couldn’t Angle come out halfway through the match? That way he could DQ Anderson, Rob retains, then Angle could try to break Anderson’s ankle and have security run down to the ring to drag Angle away?
It’s been done before… but the way that this was played out was lame. Match time – 20 seconds. Entrance/Promo time – 3 minutes. Time that was saved from the match being 20 seconds long – 14 minutes.
If the Steel Chair was SPLIT IN HALF maybe I’d believe Anderson was “knocked out” from a chair shot.
Honestly, I wish that they could just do the whole “I’m going to slit your throat” rivalry talk again. On both sides of the fence, by that I mean WWE and TNA. The rivalries that don’t start on costing someone a match or costing someone a title or #1 contendership.
What about the rivalries that started from pure hatred… like Triple H and Randy Orton when Randy RKO’d Stephanie? That is the rivalry that I want to see! Pure hatred!

Best Performer – Daniel Bryan
The star of the future without a shadow of a doubt.
Wow. I know that this guy had potential but I am speechless as the amount of talent that this guy has. Far out, please get this guy to Raw… US Title.
He is awesome. Although I have seen him better in Ring of Honor, seeing him on NXT against one of the best in the industry, Jericho, really opened my eyes to see exactly what this guy has to offer in terms of wrestling pedigree.
But this is the question, he is the only good one in NXT?
All of them have the potential to be the top star. Thing is, Bryan is the guy who is the best in NXT, BUT he is the only one who didn’t come from FCW. Yes he went to FCW for “tweaking” but he didn’t come from there. He came from Ring of Honor, which is probably the best Independent wrestling organization on the planet.
So for him to step up to the WWE and have the match that he had against one of the best in the business, just shows his massive amount of potential that he can give to the world of Professional Wrestling.

Worst Performers/Worst Decision – WWE Creative Team/Vince McMahon
WWE… get *edited*
You just released the one reason that I watched any match with a Diva in it. Maria should NOT have been released. She was in a rivalry with Matt Hardy and The Great Khali against The Hart Dynasty. Unlike Jillian and Tiffany, who I’m very surprised are even let alone still with the company. Jillian hasn’t found a good angle and I don’t think she’s had a match since losing the Divas Championship and Tiffany is engaged to William Wallace, I mean Drew McIntyre.
Hurricane Helms has been with the company since WCW was bought out in 2001. Now he’s probably going to go to TNA to be with his buddies Jeff Hardy and Shannon Moore. Stand back! The Hurricane is going out!
Paul Burchill. I won’t say that this was a bad thing. I admit, they had nothing for him. But why didn’t they throw him back in FCW while they come up with something? I think him and Mike Knox should have had a tag team together! Perfect for each other as long as Burchill grew the fungus.
Scott Armstrong. Very talented referee and a true loss to the company. Now both referees who have been apart of the screwjobs have now been fired.
News Flash: I have $50 right here that says I can predict the next release!
Anyone want to bet? Alright.
Matt Hardy, watch your back!

Best Moment – Jericho winning the World Championship
You will admit it now. You know that it was going to happen.
BUT before you start hurling cement trucks at baby seals, listen to my reason. We knew this was going to happen… because deep down, we want to see the match.
The last time I think I saw Jericho vs. Edge was in Melbourne, Australia for the Global Warning Tour when Edge was a super face and Jericho was just coming off a loss from a Rookie by the name of John Cena.
It was an awesome match and was fantastic for the fans. I think that Jericho vs. Edge is going to tear the house down at Wrestlemania.
It is the match that I personally want to see.
Main Event: The Best in the World vs. The Rated R Superstar.
I’ll watch it. Will you?

Worst Moment – Vickie Guerrero announces a Diva Tag Match
You advertise a Divas Tournament Final for Elimination Chamber.
You have two of the top divas on Monday Night Raw.
WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU CHANGE THAT!? I started off thinking that this may be a good divas match. Vacant title, both girls want it. Going to be a good match for a cha-
I have a really good idea. Vickie and the Creative Team, you appear one more time and screw up a good Pay Per View match like you did at Elimination Chamber. SLAUGHTERHOUSE!
I don’t care what people think, I believe that Maryse and Gail Kim could’ve had a good match, not the crap divas tag match that we see EVERY OTHER WEEK on mainstream television.
I want to see something different! I want to see something innovative! I want to see it NOW!

Chaotic Top 20
Kurt Angle intensifies and lengthens his lead over Randy Orton as this week concludes.
Undertaker jumps to 7th from 11th. The biggest mover was The Miz from 20th to 13th.
Biggest Faller was Beth Phoenix who fell right out of the top 20 allowing Michelle McCool to climb to 16th.

**No WWE Points are included in these results

Vanilla Coke… Yeah! Still!
Drink it! I do! Come on…

The Bottle Won't Open Rant
Why are the WWE Creative Team still employed?
Here is a list of everyone who has been released after around a year on television with the WWE in the last few years.

Chris Harris (Braden Walker) – Signed January 29 2008 - Released August 7, 2008
Colin Delaney – Debuted December 18 2007 - Released August 15, 2008
Lena Yada – Signed November 10, 2007 - Released November 10, 2008
Justin LaRouche (Bam Neely) – Debuted April 8, 2008 - Released January 9, 2009
Ronnie Arniell (Gavin Spears) – Debuted August 19, 2008 - Released January 19, 2009
Nick Cvjetkovich (Kizarny) – Debuted January 2, 2009 - Released March 9, 2009
Ricky Ortiz – Debuted July 1, 2008 - Released August 8, 2009
Scott Colton (Scotty Goldman) – Debuted August 15, 2008 - Released February 20, 2009
Eric Pérez (Eric Escobar) – Debuted September 31, 2009 - Released January 17, 2010
Rob Terry – Debuted November 10, 2007 - Released February 4, 2008 (Gone to TNA)
Germán Figueroa – Signed December 21, 2007 - Released March 2008
Kassidy James – Signed January 18, 2007 - Contract Expired February 4, 2008
Ryan Bishop – Signed Early 2008 - Released April 22, 2008

They say that they have been released because they WWE Creative Team had nothing for them.

How about this?
Lena Yada becomes Kizarny’s new Valet making them a face couple. Braden Walker is the heel and starts making moves on Lena backstage saying that he’s interested in her. Smackdown Match: Kizarny w/ Lena vs. Walker. Gavin Spears is on commentary and can say “Lena needs a man who can provide for her” while Walker makes moves on Lena and blows kisses during the match. Post Match: Winner celebrates victory. Gavin is making moves on Lena. Three way fight ensues.
Triple Threat Match at Elimination Chamber with Kizarny coming out on top then you continue the backstage assaults between all three guys which leads to a Triple Threat Ladder Match at Extreme Rules for Lena’s Managerial Services.
There! I’ve just kept 4 people in a job for at least 2 months! HOLY CRAP WAS THAT HARD?! I came up with that in 2 minutes! Sure, it may SUCK… but it’s better than firing them after 2 months on television after they’ve been sitting around twiddling their thumbs waiting for something to do!

The Creative Team builds up the people’s hopes and dreams of becoming a big time professional wrestler. You don’t understand though, when you get into the WWE you’ll be told that your gimmick needs to change and that you’ll have a much better gimmick and this one will work and go over with the fans. Then when it fails… it’s YOUR fault because YOU are the one who gets fired, not The Creative Team. It’s YOUR fault that the Creative Team can’t come up with an alternative gimmick. Why don’t they start by throwing you back in FCW for 2 months while they think of something and when they do… start with THAT gimmick in FCW THEN come up to the main roster with a fresh look and a new attitude?
Was that hard? NO!?

You don’t hire a secretary then fire her because you have no paperwork. Don’t hire a wrestler only to fire them because you don’t have anything for them.

Hopefully you all enjoyed this weeks Chaos Awards. I shall be back next week with a fresh new bottle of vanilla coke to rant on everyone and everything that is the world of wrestling!
I’ll answer more of your questions next week!

I’m The Nemesis, you've been a reader.
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Chaos Awards: Vol 22
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