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 Chaos Awards: Vol 24

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The Nemesis

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PostSubject: Chaos Awards: Vol 24   Sat Mar 27, 2010 6:25 am

Greetings One and Everyone!

Well we are still in the grip of Monday Night War fever. The second coming of WCW… I mean… TNA’s 2nd week on Monday might do better than their 1st. Time will only tell…

Fast paced matches, non-threatening title matches… nothing really much else to go on with wrestling nowadays…

Anyway, onto business!

Best Match – Kazarian vs. Daniels vs. Doug Williams (TNA)
There is something about a fast paced match in TNA that just screams match of the week.
Kazarian vs. Daniels for the #1 contendership for the X Division Title would’ve been good enough… but to have a triple threat match was just the icing on the cake.
I’m glad that Kazarian is out of the suicide character. I can see him holding the X Division title again very soon.
I have one problem… do we have to see these type of matches every single week to keep us entertained with the X Division?
Yes, they have great stars. Yes, they put on fantastic matches. But we don’t see this every week, sometimes not even at the PPV.
We certainly don’t see it in the WWE unless it’s Kofi Kingston vs. Evan Bourne and even then it won’t be at full pace.
So my theory with all of this, you ask?
TNA has to make sure that we watch all of Impact. Second and last matches on the card are these kinds of matches. Fast pace, high flying, increased octane action. That will at least keep me entertained.

Worst Match – Rob Van Dam vs. Sting (TNA)
Well done TNA.
You get the hottest free agent in wrestling… you give him a 20 second match and then spend the next half an hour beating him down.
WHAT THE *massively edited* IS WRONG WITH YOU?!
The beat down sucked. His match was okay… not the best way to bring in the biggest star on the market but at least they brought him in. Come on… you don’t get the #1 agent on the market and then make him get squashed with a baseball bat, several dozen times, by the newly turned heel of the company. Admittedly the Sting heel turn was alright but for him to beat down RVD and Hulk Hogan just took away about 10 minutes of quality air time that could’ve been used having another confrontation between Eric Young and Sean Waltman… which is what I REALLY want to see.
Just while I’m on it, thank heavens for Eric Young’s face turn!

Best Performer – Vince McMahon
You cannot deny that he is the best heel that has ever graced the WWE.
In his rivalries with Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, Shane McMahon and The Rock, Vince has become the utmost personification of the word ‘heel’.
Now with his rivalry with Bret Hart, it is no exception. I don’t the match at Wrestlemania is going to be any good, but his ego and charisma in the ring will make it good. McMahon will make Bret Hart look good. I have no doubt about that.
In all of his previous Wrestlemania appearances, Vince has ALWAYS lost.
in the corner of The Rock in the Fatal Four Way @ WM 16 (technically he screwed The Rock but still counts)
vs. Shane @ WM 17
vs. Hogan @ WM 19
vs. HBK @ WM 22
in the corner of Umaga vs. Lashley @ WM 23
So with that streak in tact, Bret Hart Def. Vince McMahon by Submission at Wrestlemania 26.

Worst Performer – AJ Styles
Worst week of AJ Styles I have EVER seen him.
I praise this guy as the #1 guy in professional wrestling and he does THIS?! I had to watch both matches three times just to appreciate what he was trying to do and even then it wasn’t very much. I’m surprised that AJ Styles got as many votes as he did this week to be honest.
I’m going to say it again but I hope that TNA creative is reading this (But they never will). If AJ Styles is going to stay heel… GET THE TITLE OFF HIM! He looks like the idiot you see in a bar who shows girls too young for him pictures of his motorbikes and cars. He’s become a total tool.
If you want AJ Styles to become the biggest drop out of professional wrestling, please continue on the path he’s on… if you want him to actually regain some credibility… change his gimmick after Destination X. Please. For TNA’s sake…

Best and Worst Moment – Shannon Moore’s Debut
Yes, I understand. Shannon Moore is a very big talent. He has great in ring work and I’m glad that TNA signed him.
I wish he would’ve come back with something other than the reject gimmick, but hey whatever works really.
The only thing that I have wrong with it… is that he made a run in, after the best match on the card and is IMMEDIATELY #1 contender for the X Division Championship. He’s going to get annihilated by Doug Williams at Destination X. Sorry, but that is how I feel.
It should be a Fatal Four Way or a Fatal Four Way elimination match at Destination X not a singles match BECAUSE it would be better.
Daniels vs. Kazarian vs. Doug Williams vs. Shannon Moore for the X Division Title with either Kazarian or Williams coming out on top… that seems like the better way to do things in my opinion.

Questions: Is the TNA move to Monday night smart or the worse thing TNA could have done?
My answer: Both.
It is very smart of TNA to move to Monday Night because it draws viewers away from Monday Night Raw. Although they didn’t draw many away, as they got less than a 1.0 cable rating, it is still a start. Remember, WCW was completely trounced by WWE in their first week. It took a while for me to realize that people would’ve laughed at WCW’s first rating back in 1995.
TNA has the product, the stars and the potential to be a great company. BUT as long as they have the management they do, they won’t get anywhere. This is why it is the worst thing they could’ve done… They don’t have the same platform that the WWE has.
They are on Spike TV (in America) and can barely get 10,000 fans for their biggest PPV event of the year. Not only that but here in Australia, TNA Impact is broadcasted at 10:30pm on a Saturday Night on Pay Television.
There is no platform to launch off when you have the production values that TNA has. They are STILL at universal studios. They still have practically the same audience for 2-4 shows in a row… they were doing 4 shows in a week for the month long Impact tapings.
The WWE does house shows, but Monday Night Raw is always live. Smackdown and NXT are taped but Raw is live. Impact is going to be live ONCE A MONTH… not every week!
If TNA is going to have any shot at being at the same level as the WWE, they need to get out of Universal Studios and go traveling heaps, all over the country and even into Canada. Get into huge arenas sometimes and sell the place out. Out do WWE in some way that will make an impact (excuse the pun) and make the WWE take notice in a major way.

Chaotic Top 20
8 Female Wrestlers in the Top 20 this week. A record if my memory serves me correctly.
No change to the names in the Top 20 but Beth Phoenix falls to 20th.
Kurt Angle’s lead is now down to just 12 points over Randy Orton with Jericho 47 points behind.
From her surgery, Mickie James has lost a few places, but watch for her to make it up in the coming weeks.
Chaotic Top 20
1. Randy Orton
2. Undertaker
3. Angelina Love
4. Mr. Anderson
=5. Chris Jericho
=5. Abyss
7. AJ Styles
8. Eve
9. Layla
10. Tara
11. Michelle McCool
12. The Miz
13. Rey Mysterio
14. John Cena
15. “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero
16. Kurt Angle
17. ODB
18. Gail Kim
19. Velvet Sky
20. Batista

Performer of the Year
1. Kurt Angle – 717 pts
2. Randy Orton – 705 pts
3. Chris Jericho – 658 pts
4. Undertaker – 543 pts
5. AJ Styles – 542 pts
6. Mickie James – 513 pts
7. Tara – 496.5 pts
8. Angelina Love – 436.5 pts
9. Hernandez – 401 pts
10. Mr. Anderson – 389 pts
11. The Miz – 363 pts
12. Matt Morgan – 361 pts
13. John Cena – 348 pts
14. Triple H – 332 pts
15. Maryse – 327 pts
16. Velvet Sky – 324 pts
17. Michelle McCool – 315.5 pts
18. Rey Mysterio – 308 pts
19. Edge – 296 pts
20. Beth Phoenix – 288 pts

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The Bottle Won't Open Rant.
Is it the era of the heel in wrestling?
Let me prove my point.
WWE Heel Champions: Batista, Chris Jericho, The Miz, Drew McIntyre, Michelle McCool, Maryse, Big Show
TNA Heel Champions: AJ Styles, Doug Williams, Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne, Matt Morgan (Tweener).
TNA Face Champions: Hernandez, Rob Terry
I know that this will change after Wrestlemania but wow. The number of heel champions just astounds me. TWO face champions and one is a tag team champion.
In TNA, at least they have somewhat of a balanced between heel and face champions… but in the WWE, EVERY title is held by a heel.
Wrestlemania 22, 23 and 25 we had at least one MAJOR face champion, now EVERY champion in the WWE is a heel. Not one face champion, not even one TWEENER champion.
So here is my question for everyone, when is the last time a major face champion walked into Wrestlemania and LOST?
The closest answers that I can give are:
Batista losing to Undertaker at Wrestlemania 23
Kurt Angle losing the Triple Threat at Wrestlemania 22
Hulk Hogan losing to The Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania 6
But think about this… what if say, next year, John Cena walks into Wrestlemania as the WWE Champion and loses. What would the public backlash be?
There have been many heel champions that have walked into Wrestlemania as the champion then walked out of Wrestlemania as the Champion, Randy Orton at Wrestlemania 24 being the most recent.
Truth be told, how many of you really think that Jericho OR Batista is going to walk out of Wrestlemania 26 with their World Championships around their waist? Not many of you. Why? Because it’s Wrestlemania, the major faces win 80% of the time. If you look at the last 10 years… Triple H at WM 16 & 23, Stone Cold at the end of WM 17 and Randy Orton at WM 24 have been the only major heel champions to leave Wrestlemania with gold.
Prepare for the face overhaul…

I hope everyone has enjoyed this weeks Chaos Awards!
I just realized that Chaos Awards. Vol 26 will actually be the same week as Wrestlemania 26… funny how that sort of worked out.
Thank you for being another loyal supporter and I hope that I can have your continued support all the way through Wrestlemania and beyond!

I’m The Nemesis, you've been a reader.
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Chaos Awards: Vol 24
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